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David Parsons, Ph.D., received his Ph.D. from Dalhousie University in 2017 under the supervision of James Robar, Ph.D. He then completed his clinical training at UT Southwestern Medical Center's Medical Physics Residency Program. Upon completion of residency he accepted a faculty position at UT Southwestern Medical Center. His research interests include image guidance in radiotherapy, motion management, novel treatment techniques and the use of Monte Carlo simulation in radiotherapy.

Research Interest

  • Image guided radiation therapy
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Motion management in radiation therapy
  • Novel treatment techniques in radiation therapy
  • Surface guided radiation therapy


3D printed phantoms in RT
Chiu TD, Parsons DD, Xiong Z, Reynolds Jr. RR, Zhang Y 2024 Jul 198-219
Master Breast Radiation Planning: Simple Guide for Radiation Oncology Residents
Arbab M, Frame R, Alluri P, Parsons DD, Lin M, Cleaton J, Rahimi AS Advances in Radiation Oncology 2024 Jun 9
Simulation and pre-planning omitted radiotherapy (SPORT): a feasibility study for prostate cancer
Zhuang T, Parsons DD, Desai N, Gibbard G, Keilty D, Lin M, Cai B, Nguyen D, Chiu T, Godley A, Pompos A, Jiang SB Biomedical Physics and Engineering Express 2024 Mar 10
Beyond conventional bounds: Surpassing system limits for stereotactic ablative (SAbR) lung radiotherapy using CBCT-based adaptive planning system
Gonzalez Y, Visak J, Overman L, Liao CY, Yen A, Zhuang T, Cai B, Godley A, Zhang Y, Timmerman R, Iyengar P, Westover K, Parsons DD, Lin M Journal of applied clinical medical physics 2024
Multimodal radiotherapy dose prediction using a multi-task deep learning model
Maniscalco A, Mathew E, Parsons DD, Visak J, Arbab M, Alluri P, Li X, Wandrey N, Lin M, Rahimi AS, Jiang SB, Nguyen D Medical physics 2024
Adapt-On-Demand: A Novel Strategy for Personalized Adaptive Radiation Therapy for Locally Advanced Lung Cancer
Li R, Zhuang T, Montalvo S, Wang K, Parsons DD, Zhang Y, Iyengar P, Wang J, Godley A, Cai B, Lin M, Westover K Practical Radiation Oncology 2024
Considerations for intensity modulated total body or total marrow and lymphoid irradiation
Parsons D, Lim TY, Teruel JR, Galavis P, Agostinelli S, Liang J, Mancosu P, Cherpak A, Stanley DN, Ahn KH, Guo B, Gonzalez Y, Burmeister J, Wong JY, Gu X, Kim GG Clinical and Translational Radiation Oncology 2023 Nov 43
Evaluating machine learning enhanced intelligent-optimization-engine (IOE) performance for ethos head-and-neck (HN) plan generation
Visak J, Inam E, Meng B, Wang S, Parsons D, Nyugen D, Zhang T, Moon D, Avkshtol V, Jiang S, Sher D, Lin MH Journal of applied clinical medical physics 2023 Jul 24
Stability and reproducibility comparisons between deep inspiration breath-hold techniques for left-sided breast cancer patients: A prospective study
Parsons D, Joo M, Iqbal Z, Godley A, Kim N, Spangler AE, Albuquerque K, Sawant A, Zhao B, Gu X, Rahimi A Journal of applied clinical medical physics 2023 May 24
Evaluation of plan quality and treatment efficiency in cranial stereotactic radiosurgery treatment plans with a variable source-to-axis distance
Church C, MacDonald RL, Parsons D, Syme A Medical physics 2023 May 50 3039-3054

Honors & Awards

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research Doctoral Research Award

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • American Association of Physicists in Medicine (2017)
  • American Brachytherapy Society (2019)
  • American Society for Radiation Oncology (2018)
  • Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists (2017)