Born August 7, 1946; Kansas City, Kansas

Married, three grown children

1968 BA, Zoology (honors), University of Kansas

1974 PhD, Evolutionary Biology, University of Chicago

Research Interest

  • Biomechanics of the jaw
  • Electromyography of jaw muscles
  • Human anatomy, especially head and neck anatomy
  • Kinesiology of mastication
  • Ultrasound Imaging of Soft Tissues of Face


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Masticatory efficiency in children and adolescents with Class I and Class II malocclusions.
Toro, A., Buschang, P.H., Throckmorton, G., Roldan, S. Europ. J. Orthodont 2006 28 112-199
Treatment of mandibular condylar process fractures: Biological considerations
Ellis, E., III and Throckmorton, G.S. J. Oral Maxillofacial Surgery 2005 53 115-134
Reducing within-subject variation in chewing cycle kinematics: A statistical approach.
Wintergerst, A.M., Buschang, P.H., Throckmorton, G.S Archs. Oral Biol December 2004 49 991-1000
Masticatory motion after surgical and non-surgical treatment for unilateral fractures of the mandibular condylar process.
Throckmorton, G.S., Ellis, E., III, Hayasaki, H. J. Oral Maxillofac. Surg 2003 62: 127 127-138
The effects of bolus hardness on masticatory kinematics.
Anderson, K., Throckmorton, G.S., Buschang, P.H., Hayasaki, H. Oral Rehabilitation 2002 29/7 689-696

Honors & Awards

  • B.F. Dewel Memorial Biomedical Research Award
    best grant application to the American Association of Orthodontics Foundation (2002)
  • Daniel M. Laskin Award
    most outstanding article published in the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surger (2001)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • American Medical Writers Association
  • American Society of Biomechanics
  • International Association of Dental Research
  • Society of Technical Communication
  • Texas Faculty Association