Medical School
UT Medical Branch-Galveston (2013)
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (2018), Pediatrics & Medical Genetics

Research Interest

  • Application of genetic testing in cerebral palsy
  • Congenital heart disease, arrhythmia, and mutation in PHOX2B
  • Genetic sequencing in congenital diarrheal disorders and very early onset inflammatory bowel disease
  • Phenotype-genotype relationship congenital central hypoventilation syndrome
  • Skeletal Dysplasia


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Congenital lumbar hernia-A feature of diabetic embryopathy?
Stevens CA, Hogue JS, Hopkin RJ, Lombardo RC, Schrier Vergano SA Am. J. Med. Genet. A 2018 Oct
Congenital heart disease and aortic arch variants associated with mutation in PHOX2B.
Lombardo RC, Porollo A, Cnota JF, Hopkin RJ Genet. Med. 2018 Mar
Variable phenotype in a novel mutation in PHOX2B.
Lombardo RC, Kramer E, Cnota JF, Sawnani H, Hopkin RJ Am. J. Med. Genet. A 2017 Jun 173 6 1705-1709
Impact of Genetic Testing in the Diagnosis and Management of Sucrase-Isomaltase Deficiency.
Lombardo RC, Hopkin RJ, Abu-El-Haija M. Journal of Gastroenterology Research 2017 1 1 30-33
Isovaleric academia: a novel mutation with mild phenotype.
Matalon K, Lombardo R, Fuller K, Matalon R Journal of Nutritional Therapeutics 2015 4 24-27
Methylmalonic academia: can treatment be improved?
Michals-Matalon K, Lombardo R, Bilger K, Ross N, Fuller K, Freedenberg D, Matalon R Journal of Nutritional Therapeutics 2015 4 28-32

Honors & Awards

  • Nominee for the Jack B. Alperin Award for Excellence in Medicine
  • Crawford and Hattie Jackson Scholarship
  • E.M. “Dan” Boyd M.D. Memorial Scholarship
  • Herbert M, Seybold, M.D. Scholarship
  • Dean’s Award in Global Health
  • Arthur V. Simmang Scholarship
  • School of Medicine Designated Scholarship