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Seoul National University (2007), Medical Physics
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Water equivalent path length calculations using scatter-corrected head and neck CBCT images to evaluate patients for adaptive proton therapy.
Kim J, Park YK, Sharp G, Busse P, Winey B Phys Med Biol 2017 Jan 62 1 59-72
Investigating deformable image registration and scatter correction for CBCT-based dose calculation in adaptive IMPT.
Kurz C, Kamp F, Park YK, Zöllner C, Rit S, Hansen D, Podesta M, Sharp GC, Li M, Reiner M, Hofmaier J, Neppl S, Thieke C, Nijhuis R, Ganswindt U, Belka C, Winey BA, Parodi K, Landry G Med Phys 2016 Oct 43 10 5635
Investigation of cone-beam CT image quality trade-off for image-guided radiation therapy.
Bian J, Sharp GC, Park YK, Ouyang J, Bortfeld T, El Fakhri G Phys Med Biol 2016 May 61 9 3317-46
Clinical commissioning of an in vivo range verification system for prostate cancer treatment with anterior and anterior oblique proton beams.
Hoesl M, Deepak S, Moteabbed M, Jassens G, Orban J, Park YK, Parodi K, Bentefour EH, Lu HM Phys Med Biol 2016 Apr 61 8 3049-62
Gain Correction for an X-ray Imaging System With a Movable Flat Panel Detector and Intrinsic Localization Crosshair.
Park YK, Sharp GC Technol. Cancer Res. Treat. 2016 Apr 15 2 387-95
Pilot study on interfractional and intrafractional movements using surface infrared markers and EPID for patients with rectal cancer treated in the prone position.
Eom KY, Chie EK, Kim K, Chang JH, Koo TR, Park JI, Park YG, Ye SJ, Ha SW Br J Radiol 2015 Aug 88 1052 20150144
Multileaf collimator tongue-and-groove effect on depth and off-axis doses: A comparison of treatment planning data with measurements and Monte Carlo calculations.
Kim HJ, Kim S, Park YK, Kim JI, Park JM, Ye SJ Med Dosim 2015 Mar
Motion management within two respiratory-gating windows: feasibility study of dual quasi-breath-hold technique in gated medical procedures.
Kim T, Kim S, Park YK, Youn KK, Keall P, Lee R Phys Med Biol 2014 Nov 59 21 6583-94