Tsinghua University (2008), Chemistry
Graduate School
Tsinghua University (2012), Life Sciences

Research Interest

  • Lipid Metabolism and Signaling
  • Lysosomal Membrane Proteins and Lysosomal Storage Diseases


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Molecular structures of human ACAT2 disclose mechanism for selective inhibition.
Long T, Liu Y, Li X, Structure 2021 Sep
Atomic insights into ML-SI3 mediated human TRPML1 inhibition.
Schmiege P, Fine M, Li X, Structure 2021 Jun
Molecular basis of V-ATPase inhibition by bafilomycin A1.
Wang R, Wang J, Hassan A, Lee CH, Xie XS, Li X, Nat Commun 2021 03 12 1 1782
Insights into the Irritating Mechanisms of TRPA1 Revealed by Cryo-EM.
Fine M, Li X, Neuron 2021 Jan 109 2 194-196
Structure of human Dispatched-1 provides insights into Hedgehog ligand biogenesis.
Chen H, Liu Y, Li X, Life Sci Alliance 2020 Aug 3 8
Cryo-EM structures of intact V-ATPase from bovine brain.
Wang R, Long T, Hassan A, Wang J, Sun Y, Xie XS, Li X, Nat Commun 2020 Aug 11 1 3921
Mechanistic Insights into the Generation and Transduction of Hedgehog Signaling.
Qi X, Li X, Trends Biochem. Sci. 2020 May 45 5 397-410
Marked structural rearrangement of mannose 6-phosphate/IGF2 receptor at different pH environments.
Wang R, Qi X, Schmiege P, Coutavas E, Li X, Sci Adv 2020 Feb 6 7 eaaz1466
Structural insights into group II TRP channels.
Fine M, Li X, Dang S, Cell Calcium 2019 Nov 86 102107
Structural basis for PtdInsP2-mediated human TRPML1 regulation
Fine M, Schmiege P, Li X Nat Commun 2018 Oct 9 1 4192

Honors & Awards

  • Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovation Award
  • Tri-Institutional (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Center, Rockefeller University and Weill Cornell Medicine) Breakout Prize for Junior Investigators
  • The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Fellow of the Life Sciences Research Foundation
  • C.H. Li Memorial Scholar Fund Award, Rockefeller University