Research Interest

  • Bioinformatics
  • Cancer biology
  • Computational Biology
  • Machine Learning


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Structure classification of the proteins from Salmonella enterica pangenome revealed novel potential pathogenicity islands.
Medvedev KE, Zhang J, Schaeffer RD, Kinch LN, Cong Q, Grishin NV, Sci Rep 2024 May 14 1 12260
ECOD domain classification of 48 whole proteomes from AlphaFold Structure Database using DPAM2.
Schaeffer RD, Zhang J, Medvedev KE, Kinch LN, Cong Q, Grishin NV, PLoS Comput Biol 2024 Feb 20 2 e1011586
Deep Learning for Subtypes Identification of Pure Seminoma of the Testis.
Medvedev KE, Acosta PH, Jia L, Grishin NV, Clin Pathol 2024 17 2632010X241232302
Pathogenic mutation hotspots in protein kinase domain structure.
Medvedev KE, Schaeffer RD, Pei J, Grishin NV, Protein Sci 2023 Sep 32 9 e4750
DisEnrich: Database of Enriched Regions in Human Dark Proteome.
Medvedev KE, Pei J, Grishin NV, Bioinformatics 2022 Jan