Medical School
University of Kansas School of Medicine (2010)
University of Texas Medical Branch (2016), Plastic Surgery
UT Southwestern Medical Center (2017), Hand Surgery


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Case series: Amniotic band sequence with craniofacial abnormalities.
Lies S, Beckwith T, Mills J, Butler L, Ezaki M, Oishi S, Birth Defects Res 2019 11 111 19 1494-1500
Review of the Optimal Timing and Technique for Extensor Tendon Reconstruction in Composite Dorsal Hand Wounds
Lies, S, Horowitz A, Lee G, Zhang A. Plastic and Aesthetic Research 2019 18 6
Prospective Randomized Study of the Effect of Music on the Efficiency of Surgical Closures.
Lies SR, Zhang AY Aesthet Surg J 2015 Sep 35 7 858-63