Steven Wyler, Ph.D., is an Instructor in the Department of Internal Medicine at UT Southwestern Medical Center and a member of the Hypothalamic Research Center.

Originally from Idaho Falls, Idaho, Dr. Wyler holds a bachelor's in biology from Brigham Young University-Idaho. He completed his doctorate in neurosciences at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. He completed a postdoctoral fellowship in metabolism under Dr. Joel Elmquist at UT Southwestern.

Dr. Wyler joined the UT Southwestern faculty in 2022.

Dr. Wyler's research interests include hypothalamic research, metabolism, mice research, and serotonin receptors.


Graduate School

Research Interest

  • Body Weight Control
  • Central Control of Metabolism
  • Hypothalamic Development
  • Transcriptional Regulation


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Disrupting the ghrelin-growth hormone axis limits ghrelin's orexigenic but not glucoregulatory actions.
Gupta D, Patterson AM, Osborne-Lawrence S, Bookout AL, Varshney S, Shankar K, Singh O, Metzger NP, Richard CP, Wyler SC, Elmquist JK, Zigman JM, Mol Metab 2021 11 53 101258
The atypical antipsychotic risperidone targets hypothalamic melanocortin 4 receptors to cause weight gain.
Li L, Yoo ES, Li X, Wyler SC, Chen X, Wan R, Arnold AG, Birnbaum SG, Jia L, Sohn JW, Liu C, J Exp Med 2021 07 218 7
Comparative Transcriptomic Analyses of Developing Melanocortin Neurons Reveal New Regulators for the Anorexigenic Neuron Identity.
Chen X, Wyler SC, Li L, Arnold AG, Wan R, Jia L, Landy MA, Lai HC, Xu P, Liu C, J Neurosci 2020 04 40 16 3165-3177
The atypical antipsychotic olanzapine causes weight gain by targeting serotonin receptor 2C.
Lord CC, Wyler SC, Wan R, Castorena CM, Ahmed N, Mathew D, Lee S, Liu C, Elmquist JK, J Clin Invest 2017 Sep 127 9 3402-3406
Serotonergic Control of Metabolic Homeostasis.
Wyler SC, Lord CC, Lee S, Elmquist JK, Liu C, Front Cell Neurosci 2017 11 277
Pet-1 Switches Transcriptional Targets Postnatally to Regulate Maturation of Serotonin Neuron Excitability.
Wyler SC, Spencer WC, Green NH, Rood BD, Crawford L, Craige C, Gresch P, McMahon DG, Beck SG, Deneris E, J Neurosci 2016 Feb 36 5 1758-74
Pet-1 Controls Tetrahydrobiopterin Pathway and Slc22a3 Transporter Genes in Serotonin Neurons.
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Serotonergic transcriptional networks and potential importance to mental health.
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The effects of estradiol and catecholestrogens on uterine glycogen metabolism in mink (Neovison vison).
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Pet-1 is required across different stages of life to regulate serotonergic function.
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