Since December 2020, Jeon Lee has been appointed as an Assistant Professor in the Lyda Hill Department of Bioinformatics. He received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Yonsei University in South Korea (1999–2006), where he was trained as a medical device developer and innovator with biomedical signal processing and machine learning (ML) expertise. He got his post-doc training in Chronic Disease Informatics Program (PI: Joseph Finkelstein, M.D., Ph.D.) at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (2013-2014). Then, he studied and developed seminal computational algorithms for big data mining while working as a post-doc and an Assistant Research Scientist (parallel to Assistant Professor) for Dept. Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (PI: Seung-Jun Kim, Ph.D.) at University of Maryland, Baltimore County (2014-2015). He joined UT Southwestern Medical Center as a computational biologist in 2016 and led the ML team at Bioinformatics Core Facility (2018-2020).


Yonsei University (1997), Biomedical Engineering
Graduate School
Yonsei University (1999), Biomedical Engineering
Graduate School
Yonsei University (2006), Biomedical Engineering

Research Interest

  • Computational methods for multi-modal and multi-omics data analysis
  • Deep Learning model for medical image analysis and clinical outcome prediction
  • Machine Learning based biomarker discovery and outcome prediction
  • Single cell RNA-seq analysis and related computational algorithms


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

ADAP1 promotes latent HIV-1 reactivation by selectively tuning KRAS-ERK-AP-1 T cell signaling-transcriptional axis.
Ramirez NP, Lee J, Zheng Y, Li L, Dennis B, Chen D, Challa A, Planelles V, Westover KD, Alto NM, D'Orso I, Nat Commun 2022 Mar 13 1 1109
The Drosophila ribosome protein S5 paralog RpS5b promotes germ cell and follicle cell differentiation during oogenesis.
Jang S, Lee J, Mathews J, Ruess H, Williford AO, Rangan P, Betrán E, Buszczak M, Development 2021 Sep
Exocyst protein subnetworks integrate Hippo and mTOR signaling to promote virus detection and cancer.
Zaman A, Wu X, Lemoff A, Yadavalli S, Lee J, Wang C, Cooper J, McMillan EA, Yeaman C, Mirzaei H, White MA, Bivona TG, Cell Rep 2021 Aug 36 5 109491
Functional characterization of 67 endocytic accessory proteins using multiparametric quantitative analysis of CCP dynamics.
Bhave M, Mino RE, Wang X, Lee J, Grossman HM, Lakoduk AM, Danuser G, Schmid SL, Mettlen M, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2020 Nov


Featured Books Legend Featured Books

Tonometric Vascular Function Assessment. In Biomedical Engineering

Jeon Lee and Ki Chang Nam (2009). InTech

Honors & Awards

  • Silver medal, RSNA Intracranial Hemorrhage Detection
    Kaggle computational challenge (2019)
  • Silver medal, SIIM-ACR Pneumothorax Segmentation
    Kaggle computational challenge (2019)
  • Lyda Hill Award, U-HACK MED 2018
    UTSW biomedical hackathon competition (2018)
  • Best Paper Presenter
    BME2008 Hong Kong (2008)
  • Young Investigator Award
    International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (2005)
  • Biennial Best Paper Award
    Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers (2003)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • Senior Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) (2015)
  • Member, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (2012)