Rice University (1979), Romance Languages
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Rice University (1988), Religious Studies


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America COMPETES at 5 years: An Analysis of Research-Intensive Universities' RCR Training Plans.
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Precaution and governance of emerging technologies.
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The Potentially High Cost of a Free Clinical Trial.
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Community-Engaged Research Ethics Review: Exploring Flexibility in Federal Regulations.
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Reasoning Backwards by Design: Commentary on "Moral Reasoning among HEC Members".
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Cross-cultural considerations in u.s. Research ethics education.
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Twelve years of Fogarty-funded bioethics training in Latin America and the Caribbean: achievements and challenges.
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How to Tell the Truth with Statistics: The Case for Accountable Data Analyses in Team-based Science.
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Engaging actively with issues in the responsible conduct of science: lessons from international efforts are relevant for undergraduate education in the United States.
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