Research Interest

  • Transition of Care for Transgender Youth


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Exploring Cross-Sectional Predictors of Suicide Ideation, Attempt, and Risk in a Large Online Sample of Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Youth and Young Adults.
Kuper LE, Adams N, Mustanski BS LGBT Health 2018 Oct 5 7 391-400
"Is this normal? Is this not normal? There's no set example": Sexual Health Intervention Preferences of LGBT Youth in Romantic Relationships.
Greene GJ, Fisher KA, Kuper L, Andrews R, Mustanski B, Sex Res Social Policy 2015 Mar 12 1 1-14
Intimacy, monogamy, and condom problems drive unprotected sex among young men in serious relationships with other men: a mixed methods dyadic study.
Greene GJ, Andrews R, Kuper L, Mustanski B, Arch Sex Behav 2014 Jan 43 1 73-87
Stud identity among female-born youth of color: joint conceptualizations of gender variance and same-sex sexuality.
Kuper LE, Wright L, Mustanski B J Homosex 2014 61 5 714-31
A qualitative analysis of women's experiences in single-gender versus mixed-gender substance abuse group therapy.
Greenfield SF, Cummings AM, Kuper LE, Wigderson SB, Koro-Ljungberg M Subst Use Misuse 2013 Jun 48 9 750-60
Group Process in the single-gender Women's Recovery Group compared with mixed-gender Group Drug Counseling.
Greenfield SF, Kuper LE, Cummings AM, Robbins MS, Gallop RJ J Groups Addict Recover 2013 8 4
The interplay between online and offline explorations of identity, relationships, and sex: a mixed-methods study with LGBT youth.
DeHaan S, Kuper LE, Magee JC, Bigelow L, Mustanski BS J Sex Res 2013 50 5 421-34
Exploring the diversity of gender and sexual orientation identities in an online sample of transgender individuals.
Kuper LE, Nussbaum R, Mustanski B J Sex Res 2012 49 2-3 244-54
Self-reported personality variability across the social network is associated with interpersonal dysfunction.
Clifton A, Kuper LE J Pers 2011 Apr 79 2 359-90
Changes in coping moderate substance abuse outcomes differentially across behavioral treatment modality.
Kuper LE, Gallop R, Greenfield SF Am J Addict 2010 Nov-Dec 19 6 543-9

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • World Professional Association for Transgender Health (2016)