Dr. Rizvi is originally from Pakistan and received her Internal Medicine residency training at Penn State University in Hershey, Pennsylvania. After completion of residency she continued at Penn State as faculty where she began to research the use of simulation in medical education. She was actively involved in both graduate and undergraduate education, with a focus on using simulation to teach crisis management.

More recently, Dr. Rizvi’s focus has moved to undergraduate education. She brings to UTSW her experience in curriculum and educational content development. She writes preparatory questions for the USMLE for students from both the pre-clinical and clinical years. She believes that a combination of strong conceptual foundation and compassion are integral to effective health care delivery. Her interests outside of medicine include her family, and sketching and painting.


Medical School
The Aga Khan University (2006), Medicine

Research Interest

  • Inpatient Crisis Management
  • Simulation in Medical Education


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Extranodal non-Hodgkin's lymphomas--a retrospective review of clinico-pathologic features and outcomes in comparison with nodal non-Hodgkin's lymphomas.
Lal A, Bhurgri Y, Vaziri I, Rizvi NB, Sadaf A, Sartajuddin S, Islam M, Kumar P, Adil S, Kakepoto GN, Masood N, Khurshed M, Alidina A Asian Pac. J. Cancer Prev. 2008 Jul-Sep 9 3 453-8
Awareness and use of Benzodiazepines in healthy volunteers and ambulatory patients visiting a tertiary care hospital: a cross sectional survey.
Raoof M, Nawaz H, Nusrat R, Pabaney AH, Randhawa AR, Rehman R, Rizvi NB, Naqvi H PLoS ONE 2008 3 3 e1804
Pakistani urban population demonstrates a poor knowledge about cancers: a pilot survey.
Mazahir S, Nusrat R, Bokutz M, Rizvi NB, Jaffer NN, Malik R, Merchant KA, Raza A, Maqsood M, Hasnain SF, Khawaja MR J Cancer Educ 2008 23 4 264-6
Factors influencing in-hospital length of stay and mortality in cancer patients suffering from febrile neutropenia
Lal A, Bhurgri Y, Rizvi N, Virwani M, Memon RU, Saeed W, Sardar MR, Kumar P, Shaikh AJ, Adil S, Masood N, Khurshed M Asian Pac J Cancer Prev 2008 2 9 303-8

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • Institute of Healthcare Improvement (2012)
  • Society of General Internal Medicine (2012)