Other Post Graduate Training
University of North Texas (2019)
Denver Health Medical Center (2019), Psychology
Graduate School
University of North Texas (2019), Clinical Psychology
Veteran's Affairs Eastern Colorado Health Care System (2020), Clinical Psychology


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Partialing alters interpersonal correlates of negative affective symptoms and traits: A circumplex illustration.
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Use of an Agitation Measure to Screen for Suicide and Self-Harm Risk Among Emergency Department Patients.
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Moving Toward, Moving Against, and Moving Away: An Interpersonal Approach to Construct Validation of the Horney-Coolidge Type Inventory.
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Treatment Adherence Interventions for Burn Patients: What Works and What Role Can Motivational Interviewing Play?
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Universal Pediatric Suicide Risk Screening in a Health Care System: 90,000 Patient Encounters.
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Suicide and Self-Harm Outcomes Among Psychiatric Emergency Service Patients Diagnosed As Malingering.
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New data on suicide risk assessment in the emergency department reveal the need for new approaches in research and clinical practice.
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Racial-ethnic differences in social networks and perceived support: Measurement considerations and implications for disparities research.
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