Kenneth A. Goldberg, M.D., is former Medical Director of the Male Health Institute, Baylor Health Center at Irving-Coppell, Irving, Texas, formerly with practiced with Texas Urology, Lewisville/Carrollton, Texas. Joined UTSouthwestern Medical School in the Department of Urology.

Board certified in urology, Dr. Goldberg received his medical degree from Case Western Reserve Medical School in Cleveland and completed an internship-surgical residency at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta and a Urology residency at George Washington University in Washington, DC.

He founded the Male Response (Impotence) Center and the Center for Permanent Birth Control in 1987. In 1988, these centers evolved into the Male Health Center, the first center in the United States to deal exclusively with male problems. 

Dr. Goldberg has received national and local recognition for his work in the area of men’s health. He has served on the boards of the Impotence Foundation and the National Men’s Health Network. In 1996, he was named Prostate Health Educator of the Year for the South Central Section by the American Urological Association and was nominated to the governor’s advisory committee on prostate cancer awareness.

He has given hundreds of presentations on men’s health issues to the medical community and the public. Presently, he conducts continuing medical education courses for physicians on erectile dysfunction (ED), prostate disorders, and male health issues. He has co-authored articles on male problems such as ED for the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of Urology, and co-wrote the American Academy of Family Physicians’ web page on prostate disorders. Dr. Goldberg is on the editorial board of Men's Health Journal.

In addition to running an extremely active clinical practice, Dr. Goldberg has been involved in numerous clinical research on various treatments for ED, prostate disorders, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Dr Goldberg has been on the Scientific and Medical Advisory Board for Advocare International for 12 years.

Dr. Goldberg is a strong advocate for public awareness of men’s health issues. He is the author of "How Men Can Live as Long as Women" and "What To Do When the Man You Love Won’t Take Care of His Health", books devoted to the prevention of disease in men.  He was a consultant to the book, "Viagra, The Potency Pill" published by the editors of Consumer Guide. He also has been an advisor to various publications on men’s health including the Men’s Health Newsletter, Men’s Health magazine, Prime magazine, and various men’s fitness magazines. For many years he had a nationally syndicated column “His Health” that ran bi-weekly in the Dallas Morning News and also had a monthly column on men’s health for the Trade Union Courier, the newsletter for the Teamsters Union. He has been interviewed by numerous national consumer publications including USA Today, Reader’s Digest, Ladies’ Home Journal, Penthouse, GQ, Vanity Fair, Family Circle, and McCall’s. He has appeared on MSNBC, Good Morning America, The Home Show, the CBS Morning Show, and the CNN Morning News—all in promotion of public awareness of men’s health issues.

Most recently he has become national spokesperson for Male Health for Post Shredded Wheat and for the National Community Pharmacy Association (NCPA). Dr. Goldberg’s chat room on Male Health for WebMD was one of the most active community centers on the site.

Dr. Goldberg also has collaborated extensively with noted author and columnist Gail Sheehy on various aspects of the aging man and has co-presented with woman’s health advocate, Ruth Jacobowitz, on sexuality and intimacy at symposia for men and women.


Medical School
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine (1974)
George Washington University (1979), Urology