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Generalized Joint Laxity Is Associated With Dynamic Hip Ultrasonography Measures in Female Athlete Patients Who Are Not Hypermobile.
Stracciolini A, Yen YM, Miller PE, Whitney KE, Jones J, Novais EN, d'Hemecourt PA, J Ultrasound Med 2022 Sep 41 9 2343-2353
Improvement in balance from diagnosis to return-to-play initiation following a sport-related concussion: BESS scores vs center-of-pressure measures.
Ulman S, Erdman AL, Loewen A, Worrall HM, Tulchin-Francis K, Jones JC, Chung JS, Ellis HB, Cullum CM, Miller SM, Brain Inj 2022 Aug 1-10
Pediatric Hurdle-Related Acute Injuries in Track and Field presenting to US Emergency Departments: Descriptive Epidemiology Study.
Radel LC, Jones J, Garcia K, Soma D, Miller S, Sugimoto D, Phys Sportsmed 2022 Aug
Comparison of Pre-High School and High School Football Quarterback Injuries.
Kobelski GP, Radel LC, Jones JC, O'Brien MJ, Meehan WP, Sugimoto D, Phys Sportsmed 2022 May
Medical Therapies for Concussion.
Jones JC, O'Brien MJ, Clin Sports Med 2021 Jan 40 1 123-131
Parameters of cardiac symptoms in young athletes using the Heartbytes database.
Jones JC, Sugimoto D, Kobelski GP, Rao P, Miller S, Koilor C, Corrado GD, Shipon DM, Phys Sportsmed 2020 Apr 1-8