Graduate School
University of Guelph - Canada , Veterinary Medicine
Graduate School
Purdue University Main Campus (1982)

Research Interest

  • analysis of murine phenotypes
  • comparative pathology
  • developmental biology


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Twist regulates cytokine gene expression through a negative feedback loop that represses NF-kB activity.
Sosic, D., Richardson, J.A., Yu, K., Ornitz, D.M., Olson, E.N. Cell January 2003 112 169-180
Control of facial muscle development by MyoR and capsulin.
Lu, J., Bassel-Duby, R., Hawkins, A., Chang, P., Valdez, P., Wu, H., Gan, L., Shelton, J., Richardson, J.A., Olson, E.N. Science December 2002 298 2378-2381
Mitochondrial deficiency and cardiac sudden death in mice lacking the MEF2A transcription factor.
Naya, R.J., Black, B.L., Wu, H., Bassel-Duby, R., Richardson, J.A., Hill, J.A., Olson, E.N. Nature Medicine 2002 8 1303-1309
Modulation of cardiac growth and development by HOP, an unusual homeodomain protein.
Shin, C-H., Liu, Z-P., Passier, R., Zhang, C-L., Wang, D-Z., Harris, T.M., Yamagishi, H., Richardson, J.A., Childs, G., Olson, E.N. Cell 2002 110 725-735
Fibulin-5 is an elastin-binding protein essential for elastic fiber development in vivo.
Yanagisawa, H., Davis, E.C., Starcher, B.C., Ouchi, T., Yanagisawa, M., Richardson, J.A., Olson, E.N. Nature 2002 415 168-71

Honors & Awards

  • Piper Professor
  • Outstanding Teacher
  • Outstanding Teacher
  • Outstanding Teacher
  • Outstanding Teacher

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • American Association for Advancement of Science
  • American Veterinary Medical Association
  • U T Southwestern Academy of Teachers
  • United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology
  • University of Texas Academy of Health Science Education