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I am Professor and Chair of Statistical Science at SMU, Professor of Biostatistics in the O'Donnell School of Public Health at UTSW, and Director of the SMU/UTSW collaborative doctoral program in Biostatistics.  I earned a BSc in Mathematics (1981), an MSc in Statistics (1984), and a PhD in Statistics (1985) from the University of Chicago.  I served on the faculties of UCLA, Penn State, Columbia, and Penn before moving to Texas in 2014.  I have over 200 publications in the literature of medicine and statistics.  My research interests include clinical trial design, causal inference, modeling with incomplete data, and statistical methods in health economics, pharmacogenomics, and smoking cessation.

Research Interest

  • Cancer
  • Causal inference
  • Clinical trials
  • Health economics
  • Incomplete data
  • Smoking cessation


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Analysis of local sensitivity to nonignorability with missing outcomes and predictors.
Chen H, Heitjan DF Biometrics 2022 78 1342-1352
Estimating the optimal timing of surgery from observational data.
Chen X, Heitjan DF, Greil G, Jeon-Slaughter H Biometrics 2021 77 729-739
Estimating the opti- mal timing of surgery by imputing potential outcomes.
Chen X, Heitjan DF, Greil G, Jeon-Slaughter H Statistics in Medicine 2021 40 6900-6917
Generalizing clinical trial results to a target population.
Li S, Heitjan DF Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research 2021


Featured Books Legend Featured Books

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Honors & Awards

  • Robert F. Woolson Lecturer, Department of Biostatistics, University of Iowa
  • Distinguished Lecturer, Department of Statistics & Operations Research and Department of Biostatistics, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Don Owen Award, American Statistical Association San Antonio Chapter
  • Elected Fellow, Society for Clinical Trials
  • Distinguished Speaker, Department of Biostatistics, UT M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
  • President, Eastern North American Region, International Biometric Society
  • Elected Fellow, Institute of Mathematical Statistics
  • Elected Fellow, American Statistical Association

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • Southern Methodist University (2015)