Irina Podkorytova, M.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Dr. Podkorytova earned her medical degree at Perm State Medical Academy in Russia, followed by a residency in neurology at Children’s Hospital in Kurgan, Russia. She then completed the Epilepsy Neurophysiology Clinical Research Fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Epilepsy Center, followed by the Neurophysiology Research Fellowship and Epilepsy Clinical Fellowship at the University of Texas Southwestern.

Dr. Podkorytova joined UT Southwestern faculty in 2019 to supervise the invasive EEG evaluations with stereotactic and subdural electrodes.


Medical School
Perm State Medical Academy, Russia (1989)
Kurgan Municipal Children's Hospital - Russia (1990), Child Neurology
Research Fellowship
Cleveland Clinic Foundation (2014), Epilepsy/clinical Neurophysiology
UTSW (Research fellowship) (2016)
Research Fellowship
UT Southwestern Medical Center (2016), Neurophysiology
UT Southwestern Medical Center (2019), Epilepsy

Research Interest

  • Epilepsy surgery outcomes
  • Extraoperative electrical cortical stimulation
  • Ictal onset localization with invasive electrodes
  • Neuromodulation


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Temporal lobe interictal spikes disrupt encoding and retrieval of verbal memory: A subregion analysis.
Camarillo-Rodriguez L, Leenen I, Waldman Z, Serruya M, Wanda PA, Herweg NA, Kahana MJ, Rubinstein D, Orosz I, Lega B, Podkorytova I, Gross RE, Worrell G, Davis KA, Jobst BC, Sheth SA, Weiss SA, Sperling MR, Epilepsia 2022 Jun
Emergency department visits and readmissions in patients with psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES) at a safety net hospital.
Ramamurthy S, Steven Brown L, Agostini M, Alick Lindstorm S, Dave H, Dieppa M, Ding K, Doyle A, Hays R, Harvey J, Perven G, Podkorytova I, Zepeda R, Das RR, Epilepsy Behav 2021 Aug 122 108225
Emergent Admissions to the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit in the Setting of COVID-19 Pandemic-related, State-mandated Restrictions: Clinical Decision Making and Outcomes.
Zepeda R, Lee Y, Agostini M, Alick Lindstrom S, Dave H, Dieppa M, Ding K, Doyle A, Harvey J, Hays R, Perven G, Podkorytova I, Das RR, Neurodiagn J 2021 Jun 61 2 95-103


Featured Books Legend Featured Books

Depth Electrodes. In Operative Techniques in Epilepsy Surgery, Second Edition.

Neely, O; Podkorytova, I; Lega, BC. (2019). Thieme

Honors & Awards

  • American Clinical Neurophysiology Society Program Director¬ís Travel Scholarship
  • Poster Competition Award
    Texas Neurological Society (2019)
  • Research Poster Award
    University of Texas Southwestern (2019)
  • Victor Rivera/Leon Weisberg Research Manuscript Award
    University of Texas Southwestern (2019)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • American Clinical Neurophysiology Society (2018)
  • American Epilepsy Society (2017)
  • American Stereo-EEG Consortium (2020)
  • Texas Neurological Society (2018)