Irina Podkorytova, M.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Dr. Podkorytova earned her medical degree at Perm State Medical Academy in Russia, followed by a residency in neurology at Children’s Hospital in Kurgan, Russia. She then completed the Epilepsy Neurophysiology Clinical Research Fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Epilepsy Center, followed by the Neurophysiology Research Fellowship and Epilepsy Clinical Fellowship at the University of Texas Southwestern.

Dr. Podkorytova joined UT Southwestern faculty in 2019 to supervise the invasive EEG evaluations with stereotactic and subdural electrodes.


Medical School
Perm State Medical Academy, Russia (1989)
Kurgan Municipal Children's Hospital - Russia (1990), Child Neurology
Research Fellowship
Cleveland Clinic Foundation (2014), Epilepsy/clinical Neurophysiology
Research Fellowship
UT Southwestern Medical Center (2016), Neurophysiology
UT Southwestern Medical Center (2019), Epilepsy

Research Interest

  • Epilepsy surgery outcomes
  • Extraoperative electrical cortical stimulation
  • Ictal onset localization with invasive electrodes
  • Neuromodulation


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Stereo-EEG Seizure Localization in Patients with Medically Intractable Focal Epilepsy Associated with Schizencephaly (2505)
Irina Podkorytova, Bradley Lega, Ryan Hays, Mark Agostini, Sasha Alick, Rohit Das, Hina Dave, Marisara Dieppa, Kan Ding, Alexander Doyle, Jay Harvey, Rodrigo Zepeda Garcia, Ghazala Perven Neurology 2020
Patient selection and outcomes of placement of the Neuropace Responsive Neurostimulator for the treatment of intractable epilepsy: a single center experience (P5.5-029)
Mark Agostini, Sasha Alick, Rohit Das, Hina Dave, Marisara Dieppa, Kan Ding, Jay Harvey, Ryan Hays, Ghazala Perven, Bradley Lega, Irina Podkorytova, Rodrigo Zepeda Garcia, Vijay Ram, Joseph Flay Neurology 2019
Level Four Epilepsy Center Experience With Stereo-electroencephalography (P5.5-020)
Irina Podkorytova, Ghazala Perven, Kan Ding, Mark Agostini, Ryan Hays, Sasha Alick, Marisara Dieppa, Rohit Das, Hina Dave, Jay Harvey, Rodrigo Zepeda Garcia, Bradley Lega Neurology 2019
Combined Treatment of Bilateral Periventricular Nodular Heterotopia with Laser Ablation and Neuropace Leads Placement after Stereo-EEG Evaluation (P5.5-033)
Irina Podkorytova, Mark Agostini, Bradley Lega, Rodrigo Zepeda Garcia, Ryan Hays, Ghazala Perven Neurology 2019


Featured Books Legend Featured Books

Depth Electrodes. In Operative Techniques in Epilepsy Surgery, Second Edition.

Neely, O; Podkorytova, I; Lega, BC. (2019). Thieme

Honors & Awards

  • American Clinical Neurophysiology Society Program Director’s Travel Scholarship
  • Poster Competition Award
    Texas Neurological Society (2019)
  • Research Poster Award
    University of Texas Southwestern (2019)
  • Victor Rivera/Leon Weisberg Research Manuscript Award
    University of Texas Southwestern (2019)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • American Stereo-EEG Consortium (2020)
  • American Clinical Neurophysiology Society (2018)
  • Texas Neurological Society (2018)
  • American Epilepsy Society (2017)