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Since 2015, Dr. Hon has been an assistant professor in the Cecil H. and Ida Green Center for Reproductive Biology Sciences. In 2017, he also joined the Lyda Hill Department of Bioinformatics. He is a CPRIT scholar, and a recipient of the NIH Director’s New Innovator Award. Before moving to UTSW, Dr. Hon was a graduate student in the Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Program at UC San Diego and a post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Bing Ren’s lab.

The Hon lab seeks to decode the complexity of the human genome to gain fundamental insights about how it works. Towards this goal, two directions of the Dr. Hon’s lab are: 1) to understand the molecular basis of cell state for applications in regenerative medicine and 2) to elucidate how non-coding variants contribute to development and disease. The lab takes a systems biology approach: developing integrative techniques at the interface of gene regulation, epigenetics, genome engineering, single-cell genomics, and bioinformatics.

Research Interest

  • Principles of cell state engineering for regenerative medicine.
  • Roles of enhancers and variants in gene regulation, especially in development and disease.
  • Scalable genomic technologies to perturb and infer genome function.


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Global Analysis of Enhancer Targets Reveals Convergent Enhancer-Driven Regulatory Modules.
Xie S, Armendariz D, Zhou P, Duan J, Hon GC, Cell Rep 2019 11 29 9 2570-2578.e5
Using Gjd3-CreEGFP mice to examine atrioventricular node morphology and composition.
Bhattacharyya S, Duan J, Wang L, Li B, Bhakta M, Fernandez-Perez A, Hon GC, Munshi NV Sci Rep 2019 Feb 9 1 2106
Experimental and Computational Approaches for Single-Cell Enhancer Perturbation Assay.
Xie S, Hon GC Methods Mol. Biol. 2019 1935 203-221
A Cellular Anatomy of the Normal Adult Human Prostate and Prostatic Urethra.
Henry GH, Malewska A, Joseph DB, Malladi VS, Lee J, Torrealba J, Mauck RJ, Gahan JC, Raj GV, Roehrborn CG, Hon GC, MacConmara MP, Reese JC, Hutchinson RC, Vezina CM, Strand DW Cell Rep 2018 Dec 25 12 3530-3542.e5
Identification of functionally distinct fibro-inflammatory and adipogenic stromal subpopulations in visceral adipose tissue of adult mice.
Hepler C, Shan B, Zhang Q, Henry GH, Shao M, Vishvanath L, Ghaben AL, Mobley AB, Strand D, Hon GC, Gupta RK Elife 2018 09 7
Tet-Assisted Bisulfite Sequencing (TAB-seq).
Yu M, Han D, Hon GC, He C Methods Mol. Biol. 2018 1708 645-663
Frequent sgRNA-barcode recombination in single-cell perturbation assays.
Xie S, Cooley A, Armendariz D, Zhou P, Hon GC PLoS ONE 2018 13 6 e0198635

Honors & Awards

  • Addgene Blue Flame Award
  • NIH Director's New Innovator Award
  • Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas First Time Faculty Recruitment Award