Dr. Reese obtained her PhD from the University of California San Francisco where she studied in the lab of Dr. Richard Locksley.  Her graduate work was focused on studying the molecules that drive inflammation.  She made the observation that chitin, a ubiquitous biopolymer found in insects and plants, induces early inflammation of certain cell types associated with allergy and asthma. 

For her postdoctoral fellowship, Dr. Reese went to Washington University in St. Louis and worked in the lab of Dr. Herbert "Skip" W. Virgin.  There she investigated how the immune system regulates gamma-herpesvirus latency and reactivation.  She made the important discovery that infection with a helminth parasite can induce herpesvirus reactivation, and that immune cytokines generated during a parasitic infection are capable of inducing herpesvirus reactivation. 

In the spring of 2015, Dr. Reese joined the faculty at UTSW in the departments of Immunology and Microbiology.  Her lab is focused on understanding how the immune system regulates chronic viral infections, and how chronic infections alter immune responses to secondary challenges by other pathogens or by vaccines.  Her lab uses mouse and human models of herpesvirus infection, as well as other viruses and helminth parasites. 

Research Interest

  • co-infection
  • herpesviruses
  • Host-pathogen interaction
  • immunology
  • virology


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Differential enzymatic activity of common haplotypic versions of the human acidic Mammalian chitinase protein.
Seibold MA, Reese TA, Choudhry S, Salam MT, Beckman K, Eng C, Atakilit A, Meade K, Lenoir M, Watson HG, Thyne S, Kumar R, Weiss KB, Grammer LC, Avila P, Schleimer RP, Fahy JV, Rodriguez-Santana J, Rodriguez-Cintron W, Boot RG, Sheppard D, Gilliland FD, Locksley RM, Burchard EG J. Biol. Chem. 2009 Jul 284 29 19650-8
Type 2 immunity is controlled by IL-4/IL-13 expression in hematopoietic non-eosinophil cells of the innate immune system.
Voehringer D, Reese TA, Huang X, Shinkai K, Locksley RM J. Exp. Med. 2006 Jun 203 6 1435-46

Honors & Awards

  • Damon Runyon Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship