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Barkatullah University (2003), Biotechnology
Graduate School
Univ of Duisburg-Essen (2011), Radiation Biology


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Evaluating biomarkers to model cancer risk post cosmic ray exposure.
Sridharan DM, Asaithamby A, Blattnig SR, Costes SV, Doetsch PW, Dynan WS, Hahnfeldt P, Hlatky L, Kidane Y, Kronenberg A, Naidu MD, Peterson LE, Plante I, Ponomarev AL, Saha J, Snijders AM, Srinivasan K, Tang J, Werner E, Pluth JM Life Sci Space Res (Amst) 2016 Jun 9 19-47
Chromosome thripsis by DNA double strand break clusters causes enhanced cell lethality, chromosomal translocations and 53BP1-recruitment.
Schipler A, Mladenova V, Soni A, Nikolov V, Saha J, Mladenov E, Iliakis G Nucleic Acids Res. 2016 Jun
Unsolved mystery: the role of BRCA1 in DNA end-joining.
Saha J, Davis AJ J. Radiat. Res. 2016 May
Phosphorylation of Ku dictates DNA double-strand break (DSB) repair pathway choice in S phase.
Lee KJ, Saha J, Sun J, Fattah KR, Wang SC, Jakob B, Chi L, Wang SY, Taucher-Scholz G, Davis AJ, Chen DJ Nucleic Acids Res. 2015 Dec
Inhibition of Homologous Recombination and Promotion of Mutagenic Repair of DNA Double-Strand Breaks Underpins Arabinoside-Nucleoside Analogue Radiosensitization.
Magin S, Papaioannou M, Saha J, Staudt C, Iliakis G Mol. Cancer Ther. 2015 Jun 14 6 1424-33
Understanding cancer development processes after HZE-particle exposure: roles of ROS, DNA damage repair and inflammation.
Sridharan DM, Asaithamby A, Bailey SM, Costes SV, Doetsch PW, Dynan WS, Kronenberg A, Rithidech KN, Saha J, Snijders AM, Werner E, Wiese C, Cucinotta FA, Pluth JM Radiat. Res. 2015 Jan 183 1 1-26
Biological characterization of low-energy ions with high-energy deposition on human cells.
Saha J, Wilson P, Thieberger P, Lowenstein D, Wang M, Cucinotta FA Radiat. Res. 2014 Sep 182 3 282-91
Investigation of switch from ATM to ATR signaling at the sites of DNA damage induced by low and high LET radiation.
Saha J, Wang M, Cucinotta FA DNA Repair (Amst.) 2013 Dec 12 12 1143-51
Smad7 foci are present in micronuclei induced by heavy particle radiation.
Wang M, Saha J, Cucinotta FA Mutat. Res. 2013 Aug 756 1-2 108-14
Lipofection and nucleofection of substrate plasmid can generate widely different readings of DNA end-joining efficiency in different cell lines.
Magin S, Saha J, Wang M, Mladenova V, Coym N, Iliakis G DNA Repair (Amst.) 2013 Feb 12 2 148-60