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RhoJ is an endothelial cell-restricted Rho GTPase that mediates vascular morphogenesis and is regulated by the transcription factor ERG.
Yuan L, Sacharidou A, Stratman AN, Le Bras A, Zwiers PJ, Spokes K, Bhasin M, Shih SC, Nagy JA, Molema G, Aird WC, Davis GE, Oettgen P Blood 2011 Jul 118 4 1145-53
Mutations in 2 distinct genetic pathways result in cerebral cavernous malformations in mice.
Chan AC, Drakos SG, Ruiz OE, Smith AC, Gibson CC, Ling J, Passi SF, Stratman AN, Sacharidou A, Revelo MP, Grossmann AH, Diakos NA, Davis GE, Metzstein MM, Whitehead KJ, Li DY J. Clin. Invest. 2011 May 121 5 1871-81
Blood vessel tubulogenesis requires Rasip1 regulation of GTPase signaling.
Xu K, Sacharidou A, Fu S, Chong DC, Skaug B, Chen ZJ, Davis GE, Cleaver O Dev. Cell 2011 Apr 20 4 526-39
Molecular basis for endothelial lumen formation and tubulogenesis during vasculogenesis and angiogenic sprouting.
Davis GE, Stratman AN, Sacharidou A, Koh W Int Rev Cell Mol Biol 2011 288 101-65
Endothelial lumen signaling complexes control 3D matrix-specific tubulogenesis through interdependent Cdc42- and MT1-MMP-mediated events.
Sacharidou A, Koh W, Stratman AN, Mayo AM, Fisher KE, Davis GE Blood 2010 Jun 115 25 5259-69
MT1-MMP- and Cdc42-dependent signaling co-regulate cell invasion and tunnel formation in 3D collagen matrices.
Fisher KE, Sacharidou A, Stratman AN, Mayo AM, Fisher SB, Mahan RD, Davis MJ, Davis GE J. Cell. Sci. 2009 Dec 122 Pt 24 4558-69
Endothelial cell lumen and vascular guidance tunnel formation requires MT1-MMP-dependent proteolysis in 3-dimensional collagen matrices.
Stratman AN, Saunders WB, Sacharidou A, Koh W, Fisher KE, Zawieja DC, Davis MJ, Davis GE Blood 2009 Jul 114 2 237-47
Formation of endothelial lumens requires a coordinated PKCepsilon-, Src-, Pak- and Raf-kinase-dependent signaling cascade downstream of Cdc42 activation.
Koh W, Sachidanandam K, Stratman AN, Sacharidou A, Mayo AM, Murphy EA, Cheresh DA, Davis GE J. Cell. Sci. 2009 Jun 122 Pt 11 1812-22
Determinants for association and guide RNA-directed endonuclease cleavage by purified RNA editing complexes from Trypanosoma brucei.
Hernandez A, Panigrahi A, Cifuentes-Rojas C, Sacharidou A, Stuart K, Cruz-Reyes J J. Mol. Biol. 2008 Aug 381 1 35-48
In vitro three dimensional collagen matrix models of endothelial lumen formation during vasculogenesis and angiogenesis.
Koh W, Stratman AN, Sacharidou A, Davis GE Meth. Enzymol. 2008 443 83-101

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