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1992-1993       Postdoctoral Fellow (Neuroscience): Mitsubishi Kasei Institute of Life Sciences, Tokyo, Japan.  (Mentor: Shin-Ichi T Inouye, Ph.D.)

1993-1994       Postdoctoral Fellow (Neuroscience): Tokyo Metropolitan Institute for Neuroscience, Tokyo, Japan.  (Mentor: Yoichiro Kuroda, Ph.D.)

1994-1996       Research Associate (Chronobiology): Department of Biology, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA. (Mentors: Michael Menaker, Ph.D. and Gene D Block, Ph.D.)

1996-2002      Research Scientist: Department of Biology, University of Virginia, Charlottesville,VA.

2000-2002       Center Investigator: NSF Center for Biological Timing

2002-2006       Research Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.

2006-2013       Member of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development

2006-2013       Research Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.

Research Interest

  • Circadian Physiology
  • Feeding and Light Entrainment of the Circadian System
  • Live Cell/Tissue Real-Time Imaging
  • Mouse Models for Human Disorders Caused by Disruption/Disorganization/Misalignment of the Circadian System
  • Neural Circuit Controlling Feeding and Locomotor Activity Rhythms
  • Pacemaker Coupling


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

General Anaesthesia Shifts the Murine Circadian Clock in a Time-Dependant Fashion.
Ludin NM, Orts-Sebastian A, Cheeseman JF, Chong J, Merry AF, Cumin D, Yamazaki S, Pawley MDM, Warman GR, Clocks Sleep 2021 Jan 3 1 87-97
The Mysterious Food-Entrainable Oscillator: Insights from Mutant and Engineered Mouse Models.
Pendergast JS, Yamazaki S J. Biol. Rhythms 2018 Jul 748730418789043


Featured Books Legend Featured Books

Extra-SCN Circadian Pacemakers.. In Biological Clocks with reference to suprachiasmatic nucleus Proceedings of the Sapporo Symposium on Biological Rhythm November 9-10, 2016. (Honma K and Honma S eds)

Pendergast JS, Yamazaki S (2017). Sapporo, Japan, Hokkaido University Press