North Carolina St Univ-Raleigh (2015), Chemical Engineering
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University of Delaware (2015), Chemical Engineering


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Linking morphodynamics and directional persistence of T lymphocyte migration.
Liu X, Welf ES, Haugh JM J R Soc Interface 2015 May 12 106
Using fluctuation analysis to establish causal relations between cellular events without experimental perturbation.
Welf ES, Danuser G Biophys. J. 2014 Dec 107 11 2492-8
Bidirectional coupling between integrin-mediated signaling and actomyosin mechanics explains matrix-dependent intermittency of leading-edge motility.
Welf ES, Johnson HE, Haugh JM Mol. Biol. Cell 2013 Dec 24 24 3945-55
A spatial model for integrin clustering as a result of feedback between integrin activation and integrin binding.
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Stochastic models of cell protrusion arising from spatiotemporal signaling and adhesion dynamics.
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In chemotaxing fibroblasts, both high-fidelity and weakly biased cell movements track the localization of PI3K signaling.
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Signaling pathways that control cell migration: models and analysis.
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Probabilistic modeling and analysis of the effects of extra-cellular matrix density on the sizes, shapes, and locations of integrin clusters in adherent cells.
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Stochastic Dynamics of Membrane Protrusion Mediated by the DOCK180/Rac Pathway in Migrating Cells.
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Stochastic model of integrin-mediated signaling and adhesion dynamics at the leading edges of migrating cells.
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