North Carolina State Univ-Rale (2015), Chemical Engineering
Graduate School
University of Delaware (2015), Chemical Engineering


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SNX9 promotes metastasis by enhancing cancer cell invasion via differential regulation of RhoGTPases.
Bendris N, Williams KC, Reis CR, Welf ES, Chen PH, Lemmers B, Hahne M, Leong HS, Schmid SL Mol. Biol. Cell 2016 Mar
Deconvolution-free Subcellular Imaging with Axially Swept Light Sheet Microscopy.
Dean KM, Roudot P, Welf ES, Danuser G, Fiolka R Biophys. J. 2015 Jun 108 12 2807-15
Linking morphodynamics and directional persistence of T lymphocyte migration.
Liu X, Welf ES, Haugh JM J R Soc Interface 2015 May 12 106
Using fluctuation analysis to establish causal relations between cellular events without experimental perturbation.
Welf ES, Danuser G Biophys. J. 2014 Dec 107 11 2492-8
Bidirectional coupling between integrin-mediated signaling and actomyosin mechanics explains matrix-dependent intermittency of leading-edge motility.
Welf ES, Johnson HE, Haugh JM Mol. Biol. Cell 2013 Dec 24 24 3945-55
A spatial model for integrin clustering as a result of feedback between integrin activation and integrin binding.
Welf ES, Naik UP, Ogunnaike BA Biophys. J. 2012 Sep 103 6 1379-89
Stochastic models of cell protrusion arising from spatiotemporal signaling and adhesion dynamics.
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In chemotaxing fibroblasts, both high-fidelity and weakly biased cell movements track the localization of PI3K signaling.
Melvin AT, Welf ES, Wang Y, Irvine DJ, Haugh JM Biophys. J. 2011 Apr 100 8 1893-901