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Dr. Mahony received her S.B. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and her M.D. from Stanford University. She completed residency training in pediatrics at Stanford University Medical Center, followed by fellowship training in cardiology at the Cardiovascular Research Institutes/University of California, San Francisco.

She joined the faculty of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in 1985, and is currently Professor of Pediatrics. Dr. Mahony has chaired the NHLBI-funded Pediatric Heart Network since 2001.


Medical School
Stanford University School of Medicine (1975)
Stanford University Hospital (1978), Pediatrics
Research Fellowship
University of California at San Francisco (1981), Pediatric Cardiology
University of California at San Francisco (1981), Pediatric Cardiology

Research Interest

  • Congenital heart disease
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Dilated aorta
  • Marfan syndrome
  • Quality of life in pediatric patients with heart disease


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Surgery for discrete subvalvular aortic stenosis: actuarial survival, hemodynamic results, and acquired aortic regurgitation.
Brown J, Stevens L, Lynch L, Caldwell R, Girod D, Hurwitz R, Mahony L, King H Ann. Thorac. Surg. 1985 Aug 40 2 151-5
Indomethacin therapy on the first day of life in infants with very low birth weight.
Mahony L, Caldwell RL, Girod DA, Hurwitz RA, Jansen RD, Lemons JA, Schreiner RL J. Pediatr. 1985 May 106 5 801-5
Patent ductus arteriosus, atrial septal defect and branch pulmonary artery stenosis: a possible new syndrome.
Mahony L, Scully WE, Weaver DD, Girod DA, Brown JW, Caldwell RL, Hurwitz RA Am. J. Cardiol. 1985 Mar 55 6 859-60
Decreased contractility of the ductus arteriosus in experimental pulmonic stenosis.
Mahony L, Clyman RI, Heymann MA Circulation 1984 Oct 70 4 695-9
Right ventricular infarction with cardiac rupture in an infant with pulmonary valve atresia with intact ventricular septum.
Hubbard JF, Girod DA, Caldwell RL, Hurwitz RA, Mahony LA, Waller BF J. Am. Coll. Cardiol. 1983 Aug 2 2 363-8
Long-term results after atrial repair of transposition of the great arteries in early infancy.
Mahony L, Turley K, Ebert P, Heymann MA Circulation 1982 Aug 66 2 253-8
Prophylactic indomethacin therapy for patent ductus arteriosus in very-low-birth-weight infants.
Mahony L, Carnero V, Brett C, Heymann MA, Clyman RI N. Engl. J. Med. 1982 Mar 306 9 506-10
Echocardiographic diagnosis of intracardiac thrombi complicating total parenteral nutrition.
Mahony L, Snider AR, Silverman NH J. Pediatr. 1981 Mar 98 3 469-71


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Honors & Awards

  • Best Pediatric Specialists/Doctors in Dallas
    D Magazine (2010) (2016-2018)
  • US News and World Report
    Top US Doctor (2011)
  • Core Clerkship Teaching Award
    Medical Student Teaching (2009)
  • William J. Rashkind Memorial Lecturer
    Cardiology 2009 Meeting, sponsored by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (2009)
  • Meritorious Achievement Award
    American Heart Association (2007)
  • Texas Super Doctors
    Texas Monthly Magazine (2005-2018)
  • Walter M. Kirkendall, MD, American Heart Association
    Scientist/Educator Volunteer of the Year (1995)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • Protocol Chair, Pediatric Heart Disease Clinical Research Network (NIH) (2011-2019)
  • Editorial Board, Circulation (2004-2009)
  • Chair, Pediatric Heart Disease Clinical Research Network (NIH) (2001-2010)
  • Dallas County Medical Society (1985-2019)
  • Texas Medical Association (1985-2019)
  • American Academy of Pediatrics (1982-2011)
  • Fellow, American Heart Association (1980-2019)