Other Post Graduate Training
University of Louisville School of Medicine (2001)
Graduate School
University of Louisville School of Medicine (2001)
Medical School
University of Louisville School of Medicine (2005)
University of Louisville Hospital (2009), Pathology
University of Michigan Medical Center (2010), Surgical Pathology
Vanderbilt University Medical Center (2011), Gastrointestinal Pathology


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

The Synthetic Triterpenoid RTA 405 (CDDO-EA) Halts Progression of Liver Fibrosis and Reduces Hepatocellular Carcinoma Size Resulting in Increased Survival in an Experimental Model of Chronic Liver Injury.
Getachew Y, Cusimano FA, Gopal P, Reisman SA, Shay JW Toxicol. Sci. 2015 Oct
Predictors of guideline concordance for surveillance colonoscopy recommendations in patients at a safety-net health system.
Kahn B, Freeland Z, Gopal P, Agrawal D, Mayorga CA, Mithani R, Skinner CS, Halm EA, Singal AG Cancer Causes Control 2015 Sep
Primary Anal Canal Syphilis in Men: The Clinicopathologic Spectrum of an Easily Overlooked Diagnosis.
Gopal P, Shah RB Arch. Pathol. Lab. Med. 2015 Sep 139 9 1156-60
A Variant in PNPLA3 Associated with Fibrosis Progression but not Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Patients With HCV Infection.
Ali M, Yopp A, Gopal P, Beg MS, Zhu H, Lee W, Singal AG Clin. Gastroenterol. Hepatol. 2015 Aug
Lymphadenopathy and Jaundice.
Law JY, Gopal P, Li HC JAMA Oncol 2015 Aug
Accuracy of Ultrasound and Noninvasive Markers of Fibrosis to Identify Patients with Cirrhosis.
Martin J, Khatri G, Gopal P, Singal AG Dig. Dis. Sci. 2015 Jan
Spirochete Flashback: An Almost Forgotten Cause of Hepatitis.
Khambaty M, Singal AG, Gopal P Clin. Gastroenterol. Hepatol. 2014 Oct
The Effect of PNPLA3 on Fibrosis Progression and Development of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Meta-analysis.
Singal AG, Manjunath H, Yopp AC, Beg MS, Marrero JA, Gopal P, Waljee AK Am. J. Gastroenterol. 2014 Jan
Tumor deposits in rectal adenocarcinoma after neoadjuvant chemoradiation are associated with poor prognosis.
Gopal P, Lu P, Ayers GD, Herline AJ, Washington MK Mod. Pathol. 2014 Jan
Factors that Affect Accuracy of a-Fetoprotein Test in Detection of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Patients with Cirrhosis.
Gopal P, Yopp AC, Waljee AK, Chiang J, Nehra M, Kandunoori P, Singal AG Clin. Gastroenterol. Hepatol. 2013 Oct

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