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1991-1995 Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
BSc, Mathematical Physics (magna cum laude)

1996-2002 Southwestern Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, UT Southwestern Medical Center
PhD, Radiological Sciences


Case Western Reserve Univ (1995), Physics
Graduate School
Univ of Tx Southwestern Med Ct (2002), Biomedical Sciences

Research Interest

  • acoustic inverse scattering for breast sonography
  • biomedical compressive sensing and sparsity
  • microSPECT and bioluminescent tomography
  • multimodality imaging
  • task-based inverse methods
  • ultrasonic assessment of the bone elasticity tensor


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Regulation of Purinergic Signaling in Biliary Epithelial Cells by Exocytosis of SLC17A9-dependent ATP-enriched Vesicles.
Sathe MN, Woo K, Kresge C, Bugde A, Luby-Phelps K, Lewis MA, Feranchak AP J. Biol. Chem. 2011 Jul 286 28 25363-76
Initiation of purinergic signaling by exocytosis of ATP-containing vesicles in liver epithelium.
Feranchak AP, Lewis MA, Kresge C, Sathe M, Bugde A, Luby-Phelps K, Antich PP, Fitz JG. Journal of Biological Chemistry January 2010 285(11) 8138-47
High-Resolution Photon Counting using a Lens-Coupled EMCCD Gamma Camera.
Soesbe TC, Lewis MA, Slavine NV, Richer E, Bonte, FJ, Antich PP. IEEE Trans Nuc Sci 2010 57(3) 958-963
Development and Evaluation of an EMCCD based Gamma Camera for Preclinical SPECT Imaging.
Soesbe TC, Lewis MA, Richer E, Slavine NV, Antich PP. IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 2007 54(5) 1516-1524
Iterative reconstruction method for light emitting sources based on the diffusion equation.
Slavine NV, Lewis MA, Richer E, Antich PP. Medical Physics 2006 33(1) 61-68
A Fully Coupled Binary Biochemical Reactive-diffusion Model with Analytic Solution.
Durkee JW, Antich PP, Lewis MA, Parkey, RW Journal of Theoretical Biology March 2003 221 163-191


Featured Books Legend Featured Books

Chapter 26: Projection and pinhole based data acquisition for small animal SPECT using storage phosphor technology. In Small-animal SPECT Imaging

Lewis MA, Arbique G, Richer E, Slavine N, Jennewein M, Constantinescu A, Brekken R, Guild J, Tsyganov EN, Mason RP, Antich PP (2005). Springer

Honors & Awards

  • Charles Pak Fellowship in Mineral Metabolism
    Ultrasound assessment of bone biophysics (2003)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • ASA (1995-2012)
  • IEEE (2002-2012)
  • SIAM (2000-2012)
  • SMB (2002-2009)
  • SNM (2003-2005)