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Dr. Lee obtained his B.A. from Amherst College and received his medical degree from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He did his training in Internal Medicine at the Presbyterian Hospital, New York City (Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center) and served as Chief Resident on the Internal Medicine service. He was Honorary Registrar and Research Fellow to Dr. Roger Williams at the Liver Unit, Kings College Hospital, London from 1973-74. He has been on the faculty of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, and was Director of the Gastroenterology Division at the Medical University of South Carolina before coming to UT Southwestern in 1990.


Medical School
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (1967)
New York Presbyterian Hospital (1968), Medicine
New York Presbyterian Hospital (1973), Internal Medicine
Kings College School of Medicine (1974), Gastroenterology & Liver Diseases

Research Interest

  • Acute liver failure
  • Drug-induced hepatotoxicity
  • Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Association of Variants of Arginine Vasopressin and Arginine Vasopressin Receptor 1A With Severe Acetaminophen Liver Injury.
Randesi M, Levran O, Correa da Rosa J, Hankins J, Rule J, Kreek MJ, Lee WM Cell Mol Gastroenterol Hepatol 2017 May 3 3 500-505
The Natural History of Severe Acute Liver Injury.
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Elbasvir/Grazoprevir for Patients With Hepatitis C Virus Infection and Inherited Blood Disorders: A Phase III Study.
Hézode C, Colombo M, Bourlière M, Spengler U, Ben-Ari Z, Strasser SI, Lee WM, Morgan L, Qiu J, Hwang P, Robertson M, Nguyen BY, Barr E, Wahl J, Haber B, Chase R, Talwani R, Di Marco V Hepatology 2017 Mar
Heat Stroke Leading to Acute Liver Injury & Failure: A Case Series from the Acute Liver Failure Study Group.
Davis BC, Tillman H, Chung RT, Stravitz RT, Reddy KR, Fontana RJ, McGuire B, Davern T, Lee WM Liver Int. 2017 Jan
Elevated FABP1 serum levels are associated with poorer survival in acetaminophen-induced acute liver failure.
Karvellas CJ, Speiser JL, Tremblay M, Lee WM, Rose CF Hepatology 2016 Nov
Corrigendum: Clinical Features and Outcomes of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Induced Acute Liver Failure and Injury.
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Budd-Chiari Syndrome Causing Acute Liver Failure: A Multicenter Case Series.
Parekh J, Matei VM, Canas-Coto A, Friedman D, Lee WM Liver Transpl. 2016 Sep
An Immunoassay to Rapidly Measure Acetaminophen Protein Adducts Accurately Identifies Patients with Acute Liver Injury or Failure.
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The role of hepatitis E virus infection in Adult Americans with acute liver failure.
Fontana RJ, Engle RE, Scaglione S, Araya V, Shaikh O, Tillman H, Attar N, Purcell RH, Lee WM Hepatology 2016 May


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Honors & Awards

  • Distinguished Clinician Educator/Mentor Award, American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases
  • Hyman Zimmerman Memorial Lecturer, American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases
  • Leon Schiff Lecturer, American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases
  • A. Blaine Brower Traveling Scholar
    American College of Physicians (0)
  • Alpha Omega Alpha
    Medical Honor Society (0)
  • Secretary-Treasurer
    American Association for the Study of Liver Disease (0)
  • Thomas A. and Shirley W. Roe Award
    Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association (0)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • American College of Physicians (1976)
  • American Association for the Study of Liver Disease
  • American College of Gastroenterology
  • American Gastroenterological Association