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Relationship between novel inflammatory biomarker galectin-3 and depression symptom severity in a large community-based sample.
King DR, Salako DC, Arthur-Bentil SK, Rubin AE, Italiya JB, Tan JS, Macris DG, Neely HK, Palka JM, Grodin JL, Davis-Bordovsky K, Faubion M, North CS, Brown ES, J Affect Disord 2021 02 281 384-389
Relationship between inflammatory biomarker galectin-3 and hippocampal volume in a community study.
Lowther MK, Tunnell JP, Palka JM, King DR, Salako DC, Macris DG, Italiya JB, Grodin JL, North CS, Brown ES, J Neuroimmunol 2020 11 348 577386
Assessment of a noninvasive optical photoplethysmography imaging device with dynamic tissue phantom models.
Nwafor CI, Plant KD, King DR, McCall BP, Squiers JJ, Fan W, DiMaio JM, Thatcher JE, J Biomed Opt 2017 Sep 22 9 1-9
Imaging Techniques for Clinical Burn Assessment with a Focus on Multispectral Imaging.
Thatcher JE, Squiers JJ, Kanick SC, King DR, Lu Y, Wang Y, Mohan R, Sellke EW, DiMaio JM, Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle) 2016 Aug 5 8 360-378
Multispectral and Photoplethysmography Optical Imaging Techniques Identify Important Tissue Characteristics in an Animal Model of Tangential Burn Excision.
Thatcher JE, Li W, Rodriguez-Vaqueiro Y, Squiers JJ, Mo W, Lu Y, Plant KD, Sellke E, King DR, Fan W, Martinez-Lorenzo JA, DiMaio JM, J Burn Care Res 2016 Jan-Feb 37 1 38-52
Surgical wound debridement sequentially characterized in a porcine burn model with multispectral imaging.
King DR, Li W, Squiers JJ, Mohan R, Sellke E, Mo W, Zhang X, Fan W, DiMaio JM, Thatcher JE, Burns 2015 Nov 41 7 1478-87