Medical School
UT Southwestern Medical School (2018)
UT Southwestern Medical Center (2022), Psychiatry


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Mental Health App Evaluation: Updating the American Psychiatric Association's Framework Through a Stakeholder-Engaged Workshop.
Lagan S, Emerson MR, King D, Matwin S, Chan SR, Proctor S, Tartaglia J, Fortuna KL, Aquino P, Walker R, Dirst M, Benson N, Myrick KJ, Tatro N, Gratzer D, Torous J, Psychiatr Serv 2021 Sep 72 9 1095-1098
Relationship between novel inflammatory biomarker galectin-3 and depression symptom severity in a large community-based sample.
King DR, Salako DC, Arthur-Bentil SK, Rubin AE, Italiya JB, Tan JS, Macris DG, Neely HK, Palka JM, Grodin JL, Davis-Bordovsky K, Faubion M, North CS, Brown ES, J Affect Disord 2021 02 281 384-389
Relationship between inflammatory biomarker galectin-3 and hippocampal volume in a community study.
Lowther MK, Tunnell JP, Palka JM, King DR, Salako DC, Macris DG, Italiya JB, Grodin JL, North CS, Brown ES, J Neuroimmunol 2020 11 348 577386
Assessment of a noninvasive optical photoplethysmography imaging device with dynamic tissue phantom models.
Nwafor CI, Plant KD, King DR, McCall BP, Squiers JJ, Fan W, DiMaio JM, Thatcher JE, J Biomed Opt 2017 Sep 22 9 1-9
Imaging Techniques for Clinical Burn Assessment with a Focus on Multispectral Imaging.
Thatcher JE, Squiers JJ, Kanick SC, King DR, Lu Y, Wang Y, Mohan R, Sellke EW, DiMaio JM, Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle) 2016 Aug 5 8 360-378
Multispectral and Photoplethysmography Optical Imaging Techniques Identify Important Tissue Characteristics in an Animal Model of Tangential Burn Excision.
Thatcher JE, Li W, Rodriguez-Vaqueiro Y, Squiers JJ, Mo W, Lu Y, Plant KD, Sellke E, King DR, Fan W, Martinez-Lorenzo JA, DiMaio JM, J Burn Care Res 2016 Jan-Feb 37 1 38-52
Surgical wound debridement sequentially characterized in a porcine burn model with multispectral imaging.
King DR, Li W, Squiers JJ, Mohan R, Sellke E, Mo W, Zhang X, Fan W, DiMaio JM, Thatcher JE, Burns 2015 Nov 41 7 1478-87

Honors & Awards

  • Chair, Committee on Mental Health Information Technology
    American Psychiatric Association (2023-2024)