Medical School
University of Calcutta - R.G.Kar Medical College & Hospital (1996), Medicine
Graduate School
Temple University School of Medicine (2006), Anatomy & Cell Biology
New York University Langone Medical Center (2010), Anatomic & Clinical Pathology
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute (2011), Surgical Oncologic Pathology
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (2012), Genitourinary Pathology

Research Interest

  • Genitourinary pathology, radiology/ MRI-pathology correlation in prostate lesions
  • Pathogenesis and biology of genitourinary tumors


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Diagnostic Utility of a Likert Scale Versus Qualitative Descriptors and Length of Capsular Contact for Determining Extraprostatic Tumor Extension at Multiparametric Prostate MRI.
Costa DN, Passoni NM, Leyendecker JR, de Leon AD, Lotan Y, Roehrborn CG, Otero-Muinelo S, Grewal H, Xi Y, Francis F, Rofsky NM, Pedrosa I AJR Am J Roentgenol 2018 Feb 1-7
Grade progression in urothelial carcinoma can occur with high or low mutational homology: a first-step toward tumor-specific care in initial low-grade bladder cancer.
Kittler R, Shiang C, Hutchinson R, Kollipara RK, Kapur P, Franto F, Lotan Y Oncotarget 2018 Feb 9 10 9415-9424
Incorporating Oxygen-Enhanced MRI into Multi-Parametric Assessment of Human Prostate Cancer.
Zhou H, Hallac RR, Yuan Q, Ding Y, Zhang Z, Xie XJ, Francis F, Roehrborn CG, Sims RD, Costa DN, Raj GV, Mason RP Diagnostics (Basel) 2017 Aug 7 3
Targeting phenotypic heterogeneity in benign prostatic hyperplasia.
Strand DW, Costa DN, Francis F, Ricke WA, Roehrborn CG Differentiation 2017 Aug 96 49-61
Molecular pathogenesis of human prostate basal cell hyperplasia.
Henry G, Malewska A, Mauck R, Gahan J, Hutchinson R, Torrealba J, Francis F, Roehrborn C, Strand D Prostate 2017 May 77 13 1344-1355
Improved Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Pathology Correlation With Imaging-Derived, 3D-Printed, Patient-Specific Whole-Mount Molds of the Prostate.
Costa DN, Chatzinoff Y, Passoni NM, Kapur P, Roehrborn CG, Xi Y, Rofsky NM, Torrealba J, Francis F, Futch C, Hagens P, Notgrass H, Otero-Muinelo S, Pedrosa I, Chopra R Invest Radiol 2017 Apr
Comparison of prostate cancer detection at 3-T MRI with and without an endorectal coil: A prospective, paired-patient study.
Costa DN, Yuan Q, Xi Y, Rofsky NM, Lenkinski RE, Lotan Y, Roehrborn CG, Francis F, Travalini D, Pedrosa I Urol. Oncol. 2016 Mar
Concordance in Biomarker Status Between Bladder Tumors at Time of Transurethral Resection and Subsequent Radical Cystectomy: Results of a 5-year Prospective Study.
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Assessment of Prospectively Assigned Likert Scores for Targeted MR Imaging-Transrectal US Fusion Biopsies in Patients with Suspected Prostate Cancer.
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Liver transplant for mixed capillary-cavernous hemangioma masquerading as hepatocellular carcinoma in a patient with hepatocellular carcinoma.
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