Graduate School
Southern Methodist University (2012), Psychology
North TX VA Medical Center (2015), Psychology
Graduate School
Southern Methodist University (2015), Psychology


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Weekly variability in outcome expectations: examining associations with related physical activity experiences during physical activity initiation.
Loehr VG, Baldwin AS, Rosenfield D, Smits JA J Health Psychol 2014 Oct 19 10 1309-19
Elucidating satisfaction with physical activity: an examination of the day-to-day associations between experiences with physical activity and satisfaction during physical activity initiation.
Baldwin AS, Baldwin SA, Loehr VG, Kangas JL, Frierson GM Psychol Health 2013 28 12 1424-41
The obligatory nature of holistic processing of faces in social judgments.
Todorov A, Loehr V, Oosterhof NN, Perception 2010 39 4 514-32
The mere perception of eye contact increases arousal during a word-spelling task.
Conty L, Russo M, Loehr V, Hugueville L, Barbu S, Huguet P, Tijus C, George N, Soc Neurosci 2010 5 2 171-86

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • Dallas Psychological Association (2018)
  • International MarcĂ© Society for Perinatal Mental Health (2017)