Dr. Makris is originally from Los Angeles, CA and received her medical training at the George Washington University Medical Center followed by a residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. Drawn to both Rheumatology and Geriatrics, Dr. Makris completed her fellowship in Rheumatology at Yale University with a clinical research focus on degenerative, musculoskeletal conditions that affect older adults. She is particularly interested in elucidating the epidemiology of back pain in older adults and developing effective multi-component behavioral interventions with the goal of, ultimately, improving outcomes of back pain in this population. Dr. Makris brings to UTSW and the Dallas VAMC a strong background in general Rheumatology clinical practice and a unique clinical research interest that bridges Geriatrics and Rheumatology. Outside of medicine, Dr. Makris enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters, traveling to visit extended family, outdoor activities, and nature.


University of California-San D (2000), Microbiology
Medical School
George Washington University (2004)

Research Interest

  • Epidemiology of back pain in older persons
  • Health services research
  • Improving outcomes in medically complex older aduls with chronic back pain
  • Patient-reported outcomes for degenerative musculoskeletal conditions in older persons


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Problem Areas Identified as Important to Older Adults with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis.
Edwards TC, Lavallee DC, Bauer Z, Comstock BA, Jarvik JG, Patrick DL, Friedly JL, Makris UE Spine J 2015 Mar
Barriers and facilitators of a career as a physician scientist among rheumatologists in the United States.
Ogdie A, Shah AA, Makris UE, Jiang Y, Nelson AE, Kim AH, Angeles-Han ST, Castelino FV, Golding A, Muscal E, Kahlenberg JM, Barg FK Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken) 2015 Feb
Association of skeletal muscle relaxers and antihistamines on mortality, hospitalizations, and emergency department visits in elderly patients: a nationwide retrospective cohort study.
Alvarez CA, Mortensen EM, Makris UE, Berlowitz DR, Copeland LA, Good CB, Amuan ME, Pugh MJ BMC Geriatr 2015 15 1 2
Ageism, negative attitudes, and competing co-morbidities - why older adults may not seek care for restricting back pain: a qualitative study.
Makris UE, Higashi RT, Marks EG, Fraenkel L, Sale JE, Gill TM, Reid MC BMC Geriatr 2015 15 39
Restricting back pain and subsequent mobility disability in community-living older persons.
Makris UE, Fraenkel L, Han L, Leo-Summers L, Gill TM J Am Geriatr Soc 2014 Nov 62 11 2142-7
Management of persistent pain in the older patient: a clinical review.
Makris UE, Abrams RC, Gurland B, Reid MC JAMA 2014 Aug 312 8 825-36
Illness representations of restricting back pain: the older Person’s perspective.
Makris UE, Melhado T, Lee SC, Hamann HA, Walke LM, Gill TM, Fraenkel L Pain Med 2014 Jun 15 6 938-46
Risk Factors for Restricting Back Pain in Older Persons.
Makris UE, Fraenkel L, Han L, Leo-Summers L, Gill TM J Am Med Dir Assoc 2013 Nov


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Honors & Awards

  • Fellow, Summer Institute on Randomized Behavioral Clinical Trials
    NIH Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (2015)
  • New Investigator Award
    American Geratrics Society (2015)
  • Junior Scholar Travel Grant
    American Geriatrics Society, Comparative Effectiveness Research Conference (2010)
  • Young Investigators Initiative Award
    The Grant Mentoring Workshop Program of the United States Bone and Joint Decade (2010)
  • Scholar in Autoimmunity Award
    Bristol Meyers Squibb (2009)
  • Technical Assistance Workshop Scholarship
    National Institute on Aging (2008)
  • Graduated "With Distinction"
    George Washington University School of Medicine (2004)
  • Dean's List
    George Washington University School of Medicine (2001-2004)
  • Graduated "Cum Laude"
    University of California at San Diego (1999)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • American Geriatrics Society (2010)
  • American College of Rheumatology (2007)
  • American College of Physicians Committees (2004)