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Does Incorporating a Measure of Clinical Workload Improve Workplace-Based Assessment Scores? Insights for Measurement Precision and Longitudinal Score Growth From Ten Pediatrics Residency Programs.
Park YS, Hicks PJ, Carraccio C, Margolis M, Schwartz A, Acad Med 2018 11 93 11S Association of American Medical Colleges Learn Serve Lead: Proceedings of the 57th Annual Research in Medical Education Sessions S21-S29
A novel workplace-based assessment for competency-based decisions and learner feedback.
Hicks PJ, Margolis MJ, Carraccio CL, Clauser BE, Donnelly K, Fromme HB, Gifford KA, Poynter SE, Schumacher DJ, Schwartz A, Med Teach 2018 11 40 11 1143-1150
Conducting Quantitative Medical Education Research: From Design to Dissemination.
Abramson EL, Paul CR, Petershack J, Serwint J, Fischel JE, Rocha M, Treitz M, McPhillips H, Lockspeiser T, Hicks P, Tewksbury L, Vasquez M, Tancredi DJ, Li ST, Acad Pediatr 2018 03 18 2 129-139
The Pediatrics Milestones Assessment Pilot: Development of Workplace-Based Assessment Content, Instruments, and Processes.
Hicks PJ, Margolis M, Poynter SE, Chaffinch C, Tenney-Soeiro R, Turner TL, Waggoner-Fountain L, Lockridge R, Clyman SG, Schwartz A, Acad Med 2016 05 91 5 701-9
Medical education practice-based research networks: Facilitating collaborative research.
Schwartz A, Young R, Hicks PJ, Med Teach 2016 38 1 64-74
An online evidence based medicine exercise prompts reflection in third year medical students.
Lewin LO, Robert NJ, Raczek J, Carraccio C, Hicks PJ, BMC Med Educ 2014 Aug 14 164
Domain of competence: Personal and professional development.
Hicks PJ, Schumacher D, Guralnick S, Carraccio C, Burke AE, Acad Pediatr 2014 Mar-Apr 14 2 Suppl S80-97
Domain of competence: Practice-based learning and improvement.
Burke AE, Benson B, Englander R, Carraccio C, Hicks PJ, Acad Pediatr 2014 Mar-Apr 14 2 Suppl S38-54
Domain of competence: Patient care.
Schumacher DJ, Englander R, Hicks PJ, Carraccio C, Guralnick S, Acad Pediatr 2014 Mar-Apr 14 2 Suppl S13-35
The pediatrics milestones: pursuit of a national system of workplace-based assessment through key stakeholder collaboration.
Hicks PJ, Schwartz A, Clyman SG, Nichols DG, Acad Pediatr 2014 Mar-Apr 14 2 Suppl S10-2

Honors & Awards

  • Walter W. Tunnessen, Jr. Award
    Association of Pediatric Program Directors (2018)
  • Faculty Teacher of the Year Award
    Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (2014)
  • Distinguished Teaching Professor
    Southwestern Academy of Teachers (2007)
  • Hurricane Hero as Director of Pediatric Relief Services
    Children's Medical Center of Dallas (2005)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • Ambulatory Pediatric Association - Education Committee, Member (1996)
  • American Academy of Pediatrics, Member (1989)
  • American Pediatric Society, Member (2007)