Dr. Grishin is HHMI Investigator and Professor of Biochemistry at UT Southwestern. Born and educated in Russia, he received a Diplom (the Russian equivalent of a master’s degree) in biochemistry from the Moscow State University. His doctoral research in molecular biophysics was done with Margaret Phillips at UT Southwestern. After a postdoctoral year with Eugene Koonin at the National Institutes of Health, he joined the faculty at UT Southwestern.


Graduate School
Moscow State University - Russ (1993)
Graduate School
UT Southwestern Medical Center (1998)

Research Interest

  • We study proteins by means of computational methods


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

A comprehensive system for evaluation of remote sequence similarity detection
Qi Y, Sadreyev RI, Wang Y, Kim BH, Grishin NV. BMC Bioinformatics August 2007 8(1) 314
Searching for three-dimensional secondary structural patterns in proteins with ProSMoS.
Shi S, Zhong Y, Majumdar I, Sri Krishna S, Grishin NV. Bioinformatics June 2007 23(11) 1331-1338
COMPASS server for remote homology inference
Sadreyev RI, Tang M, Kim BH, Grishin NV. Nucleic Acids Res May 2007 35(Web Server issue) W653
MUMMALS: multiple sequence alignment improved by using hidden Markov models with local structural information.
Pei J, Grishin NV. Nucleic Acids Res August 2006 34(16) 4364-4374
Structural classification of small, disulfide-rich protein domains.
Cheek S, Krishna SS, Grishin NV. J Mol Biol. May 2006 359(1) 215-237

Honors & Awards

  • Finn World Travel Award
    to attend 12th Symposium of the Protein Society (1998)
  • UT Southwestern Graduate School
    Nominata Award (1998)
  • Department of Pharmacology
    A.G. Gilman award for excellence in research (1997)
  • GSO Travel Award
    to attend XVII Congress of Intl. Union of Crystallography (1996)