Graduate School
University of Texas at Dallas (2011), Molecular & Cell Biology
Graduate School
University of Texas at Dallas (2015), Molecular & Cell Biology
Amravati University (2016), Medical Technology
Graduate School
Nagpur University (2016), Biology

Research Interest

  • Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
  • Sleep and Circadian Rhythm Disorders
  • Transcriptomics and Genomics


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

NPAS4 regulates the transcriptional response of the suprachiasmatic nucleus to light and circadian behavior.
Xu P, Berto S, Kulkarni A, Jeong B, Joseph C, Cox KH, Greenberg ME, Kim TK, Konopka G, Takahashi JS, Neuron 2021 Aug
Resolving cellular and molecular diversity along the hippocampal anterior-to-posterior axis in humans.
Ayhan F, Kulkarni A, Berto S, Sivaprakasam K, Douglas C, Lega BC, Konopka G, Neuron 2021 May
Expression of FoxP2 in the basal ganglia regulates vocal motor sequences in the adult songbird.
Xiao L, Merullo DP, Koch TMI, Cao M, Co M, Kulkarni A, Konopka G, Roberts TF, Nat Commun 2021 05 12 1 2617
Gene-expression correlates of the oscillatory signatures supporting human episodic memory encoding.
Berto S, Fontenot MR, Seger S, Ayhan F, Caglayan E, Kulkarni A, Douglas C, Tamminga CA, Lega BC, Konopka G, Nat Neurosci 2021 Apr 24 4 554-564
FOXP1 negatively regulates intrinsic excitability in D2 striatal projection neurons by promoting inwardly rectifying and leak potassium currents.
Khandelwal N, Cavalier S, Rybalchenko V, Kulkarni A, Anderson AG, Konopka G, Gibson JR, Mol Psychiatry 2021 Jan
An essential role for MEF2C in the cortical response to loss of sleep in mice.
Bjorness TE, Kulkarni A, Rybalchenko V, Suzuki A, Bridges C, Harrington AJ, Cowan CW, Takahashi JS, Konopka G, Greene RW, Elife 2020 Aug 9
Single-Cell Analysis of Foxp1-Driven Mechanisms Essential for Striatal Development.
Anderson AG, Kulkarni A, Harper M, Konopka G, Cell Rep 2020 Mar 30 9 3051-3066.e7
Cortical Foxp2 Supports Behavioral Flexibility and Developmental Dopamine D1 Receptor Expression.
Co M, Hickey SL, Kulkarni A, Harper M, Konopka G, Cereb. Cortex 2019 Nov
Beyond bulk: a review of single cell transcriptomics methodologies and applications.
Kulkarni A, Anderson AG, Merullo DP, Konopka G, Curr. Opin. Biotechnol. 2019 Apr 58 129-136
Foxp1 regulation of neonatal vocalizations via cortical development.
Usui N, Araujo DJ, Kulkarni A, Co M, Ellegood J, Harper M, Toriumi K, Lerch JP, Konopka G Genes Dev. 2017 Nov