Central China Normal Univ (2004), Biotechnology
Graduate School
Central China Normal Univ (2007), Molecular Biology

Research Interest

  • DAB2IP participates in chromosome stability in the progression of prostate cancer
  • The small molecule inhibitor and radiation therapy for the treatment of prostate cancer


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Suppression of PC-1/PrLZ sensitizes prostate cancer cells to ionizing radiation by attenuating DNA damage repair and inducing autophagic cell death.
Shang ZF, Wei Q, Yu L, Huang F, Xiao BB, Wang H, Song M, Wang L, Zhou J, Wang J, Li S Oncotarget 2016 Sep 7 38 62340-62351
PC-1/PrLZ confers resistance to rapamycin in prostate cancer cells through increased 4E-BP1 stability.
Yu L, Shang ZF, Wang J, Wang H, Huang F, Zhang Z, Wang Y, Zhou J, Li S Oncotarget 2015 May
TNKS1BP1 functions in DNA double-strand break repair though facilitating DNA-PKcs autophosphorylation dependent on PARP-1.
Zou LH, Shang ZF, Tan W, Liu XD, Xu QZ, Song M, Wang Y, Guan H, Zhang SM, Yu L, Zhong CG, Zhou PK Oncotarget 2015 Mar 6 9 7011-22
DNA-PKcs Negatively Regulates Cyclin B1 Protein Stability through Facilitating Its Ubiquitination Mediated by Cdh1-APC/C Pathway.
Shang ZF, Tan W, Liu XD, Yu L, Li B, Li M, Song M, Wang Y, Xiao BB, Zhong CG, Guan H, Zhou PK Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2015 11 9 1026-35
Sensitization of radio-resistant prostate cancer cells with a unique cytolethal distending toxin.
Lai CH, Chang CS, Liu HH, Tsai YS, Hsu FM, Yu YL, Lai CK, Gandee L, Pong RC, Hsu HW, Yu L, Saha D, Hsieh JT Oncotarget 2014 Jun
DOC-2/DAB2 Interacting Protein Status in High-Risk Prostate Cancer Correlates With Outcome for Patients Treated With Radiation Therapy.
Jacobs C, Tumati V, Kapur P, Yan J, Hong D, Bhuiyan M, Xie XJ, Pistenmaa D, Yu L, Hsieh JT, Saha D, Kim DW Int. J. Radiat. Oncol. Biol. Phys. 2014 May
Effect of PF-02341066 and radiation on non-small cell lung cancer cells.
Tumati V, Kumar S, Yu L, Chen B, Choy H, Saha D Oncol. Rep. 2013 Mar 29 3 1094-100