Dr. Plautz received a BA in Biology from Johns Hopkins University in 1992 and a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston in 2001. After a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Kansas Medical Center from 2001-03, Dr. Plautz held a faculty appointment in the Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology at KUMC from 2003-10. Concurrent with this appointment, Dr. Plautz served as managing director of the cortical plasticity laboratory under Dr. Randolph Nudo. In this position, Dr. Plautz was a co-investigator on several NIH grants and industry contracts, acted as co-advisor to numerous graduate and post-doctoral trainees, and served on IACUC for three years.

His scientific research focused on neural plasticity associated with motor learning and recovery of function after stroke in rodent and non-human primate models, emphasizing a systems neuroscience approach to examining changes in neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, and sensorimotor behavior. These studies utilized behavioral, pharmacological, and bioengineering techniques to enhance therapeutic outcomes.

Dr. Plautz joined the faculty of the Department of Neurology at UT Southwestern in August 2010.


Johns Hopkins University (1992), Biology
Graduate School
University of Texas Health Sci (2001)

Research Interest

  • Mechanisms of functional recovery after injury
  • Models of neurological injury/disease
  • Neurophysiology and neural plasticity
  • Sensorimotor behavior
  • Stroke


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Combination of NEP 1-40 tretment and motor training enhances behavioral recovery following a focal cortical infarct in rats
PC Fang, S Barbay, EJ Plautz, E Hoover, SM Strittmatter, RJ Nudo Stroke 2010 41 544-9
A novel device to measure power grip forces in squirrel monkeys
SD Bury, EJ Plautz, W Liu, BM Quaney, CW Luchies, RA Maletsky, RJ Nudo Journal of Neuroscience Methods 2009 179 264-70
Neuronal HIF-1α protein and VEGFR-2 immunoreactivity in functionally related motor areas following a focal M1 infarct
AM Stowe, EJ Plautz, P Nguyen, SB Frost, I Eisner-Janowicz, S Barbay, N Dancause, A Sensarma, MD Taylor, EV Zoubina, RJ Nudo Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism 2008 28 612-20
Early and late changes in the distal forelimb representation of the supplementary motor area following injury to frontal motor areas in the squirrel monkey
I Eisner-Janowicz, S Barbay, E Hoover, AM Stowe, SB Frost, EJ Plautz, RJ Nudo Journal of Neurophysiology 2008 100 1498-1512