Vibhash D. Sharma, M.D., is an Associate Professor in the Department of Neurology at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He specializes in movement disorders including Parkinson’s disease, tremor, dystonia and other movement disorders, and serves as the Medical Director for the Interventional (Neuromodulation) Movement Disorders clinic, as well as the Clinical Lead for the Movement Disorders section at UTSW.


Dr. Sharma earned his medical degree at Seth G.S Medical College and K.E.M hospital in Mumbai, India. After completing medical school, he moved to United States and pursued an internship in medicine followed by neurology residency at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas. After residency, he completed a two-year fellowship in Movement Disorders and Deep Brain Stimulation at Emory University, Atlanta. His second year of fellowship was focused on Deep Brain Stimulation and intraoperative microelectrode recording for DBS placement under the mentorship of MahlonDeLong, M.D., who is renowned internationally for basal ganglia and Parkinson’s disease research that led to the development of Deep Brain Stimulation therapy


Dr. Sharma is certified in Neurology by American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) and is an elected member of Parkinson’s Study Group. His clinical interests include management of wide range of movement disorders,botulinum toxin injections, and evaluation for interventional therapies such as Deep Brain Stimulation and MR-guided focused ultrasound (MFgFUS) ablation. 


Along with clinical care, Dr. Sharma is also involved in clinical research and clinical trials. His clinical research is focused on neuromodulation for various movement disorders and studying phenomenology of movement disorders. Dr. Sharma has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters in the field of movement disorders and Deep Brain Stimulation, as well as presented several abstracts at both national and international meetings. He has served as Principal investigator and Co-investigator for multiple clinical trials. 


Dr. Sharma is a member of American Academy of Neurology, International Parkinson and Movement disorders Society and Parkinson’s Study Group.


Medical School
Seth G.S. Medical College, India (2009)
UT Southwestern Medical Center (2011), Neurology
UT Southwestern Medical Center (2014), Movement Disorders
Emory University School of Medicine (2015), Movement Disorders
Emory University Medical Center Deep Brain Stimulation (2016), Movement Disorders

Research Interest

  • Deep Brain Stimulation
  • Dystonia
  • Gait disorders
  • Neuromodulation
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Phenomenology
  • Tremor disorders


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Deep Brain Stimulation for the Treatment of Hemichorea: Case Series and Literature Review.
Masood Z, Domino JS, Gragg A, Burchiel K, Kinsman M, Sharma VD, Tremor Other Hyperkinet Mov (N Y) 2023 13 21
Cognitive task-related oscillations in human internal globus pallidus and subthalamic nucleus.
Navid MS, Kammermeier S, Niazi IK, Sharma VD, Vuong SM, Bötzel K, Greenlee JDW, Singh A, Behav Brain Res 2022 Apr 424 113787
Telemedicine and Deep brain stimulation - Current practices and recommendations.
Sharma VD, Safarpour D, Mehta SH, Vanegas-Arroyave N, Weiss D, Cooney JW, Mari Z, Fasano A, Parkinsonism Relat Disord 2021 Aug 89 199-205
Secondary Dystonia in a Novel Mitochondriopathy Responsive to Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy.
Sharma VD, Buetefisch CM, Kendall FD, Gross RE, DeLong MR, Juncos JL, Mov Disord Clin Pract 2021 Jan 8 1 135-138
Copulatory Dyskinesia: Pathognomonic Manifestation of Tardive Dyskinesia.
Sharma VD, Gupta HV, Espay AJ, Tremor Other Hyperkinet Mov (N Y) 2020 Dec 10 56
The Pseudodystonia of Paroxysmal Sympathetic Hyperactivity: A Reversible Post-Anoxic Complication.
Gupta HV, Sharma VD, Espay AJ, Mov Disord Clin Pract 2020 Nov 7 8 987-989
Surgical Treatment of Parkinson's Disease: Devices and Lesion Approaches.
Sharma VD, Patel M, Miocinovic S, Neurotherapeutics 2020 Oct 17 4 1525-1538
Classification of Parkinson's disease and essential tremor based on balance and gait characteristics from wearable motion sensors via machine learning techniques: a data-driven approach.
Moon S, Song HJ, Sharma VD, Lyons KE, Pahwa R, Akinwuntan AE, Devos H, J Neuroeng Rehabil 2020 Sep 17 1 125
Clinical outcomes of globus pallidus deep brain stimulation for Parkinson disease: a comparison of intraoperative MRI- and MER-guided lead placement.
Bezchlibnyk YB, Sharma VD, Naik KB, Isbaine F, Gale JT, Cheng J, Triche SD, Miocinovic S, Buetefisch CM, Willie JT, Boulis NM, Factor SA, Wichmann T, DeLong MR, Gross RE, J Neurosurg 2020 Mar 1-11
Does post-operative symptomatic lead edema associated with subthalamic DBS implantation impact long-term clinical outcomes?
Sharma VD, Lyons KE, Nazzaro JM, Pahwa R, J Neurol Sci 2020 Mar 410 116647


Featured Books Legend Featured Books

Honors & Awards

  • Faculty Travel Award
    University of Kansas Medical Center (2019)
  • Fellow Scholarship
    To attend comprehensive course for movement disorders at Aspen, Co. (2015)
  • Travel Award
    International Parkinson disease and Movement Disorders Conference (2015)
  • Teva Neuroscience Award
    For demonstration of superior neurological knowledge as a resident (2012)
  • AAN Fellow Scholarship
    American Academy of Neurology (2016)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • American Academy of Neurology (2011)
  • International Parkinson's disease and Movement Disorders Socity (2014)
  • Parkinson's Study Group (2017)