Nebraska Wesleyan University (2002), Psychology
Graduate School
Boston University (2003), Psychology
Graduate School
Arizona State University (2008), Kinesiology

Research Interest

  • Exercise & Mental Health


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Cardiorespiratory fitness and body composition of stimulant users: A baseline analysis of the STRIDE cohort.
Stoutenberg M, Rethorst CD, Vidot DC, Greer TL, Trivedi MH J Subst Abuse Treat 2017 Jul 78 74-79
Racial and ethnic differences in treatment outcomes among adults with stimulant use disorders after a dosed exercise intervention.
Sanchez K, Greer TL, Walker R, Carmody T, Rethorst CD, Trivedi MH J Ethn Subst Abuse 2017 May 1-16
Isotemporal Analysis of the Association of Objectively Measured Physical Activity With Depressive Symptoms: Results from Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL).
Rethorst CD, Moncrieft AE, Gellman MD, Arredondo EM, Buelna C, CastaƱeda SF, Daviglus ML, Khan UI, Perreira KM, Sotres-Alvarez D, Stoutenberg M J Phys Act Health 2017 Apr 1-21
Psychosocial relationship status and quality as predictors of exercise intervention adherence and substance use outcomes: Results from the STRIDE (CTN-0037) study.
Trombello JM, Carmody T, Greer TL, Walker R, Rethorst CD, Trivedi MH Psychiatry Res 2017 Apr 254 332-339
Promise of Wearable Physical Activity Monitors in Oncology Practice.
Beg MS, Gupta A, Stewart T, Rethorst CD J Oncol Pract 2017 Feb 13 2 82-89
Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Exercise to Health Education for Stimulant Use Disorder: Results From the CTN-0037 STimulant Reduction Intervention Using Dosed Exercise (STRIDE) Study.
Trivedi MH, Greer TL, Rethorst CD, Carmody T, Grannemann BD, Walker R, Warden D, Shores-Wilson K, Stoutenberg M, Oden N, Silverstein M, Hodgkins C, Love L, Seamans C, Stotts A, Causey T, Szucs-Reed RP, Rinaldi P, Myrick H, Straus M, Liu D, Lindblad R, Church T, Blair SN, Nunes EV J Clin Psychiatry 2017 Feb
Affect Following First Exercise Session as a Predictor of Treatment Response in Depression.
Suterwala AM, Rethorst CD, Carmody TJ, Greer TL, Grannemann BD, Jha M, Trivedi MH J Clin Psychiatry 2016 Aug 77 8 1036-42

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • Society of Behavioral Medicine (2011)
  • American College of Sports Medicine (2008)