Jared McAllister, MD, is an assistant professor of surgery at the Dallas VA medical center, and specializes in minimally invasive foregut, bariatric, and hernia surgery.  

He completed his undergraduate degree at The University of Texas at Austin, graduating with honors in biomedical engineering. He completed medical school and general surgery residency training at Washington University in St. Louis and Barnes-Jewish Hospital, including a two year research fellowship in the field of minimally invasive and hernia surgery. He completed additional fellowship training in minimally invasive and advanced GI surgery at the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Hospital in Portland, Oregon. 

Dr. McAllister focuses on the surgical treatment of gastroesophageal reflux, obesity, gastric cancer, esohpageal cancer, hiatal hernia, achalasia, adrenal disease, gallbladder disease, and inguinal and ventral hernias. He has published primary reseasrch and book chapters in the field of minimally invasive and hernia surgery.



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Examination of abdominal wall perfusion using varying suture techniques for midline abdominal laparotomy closure.
Kushner BS, Arefanian S, McAllister J, Tan WH, Grant M, MacGregor R, Majumder A, Blatnik JA, Surg Endosc 2021 Aug
Representation of women in speaking roles at surgical conferences.
Gerull KM, Wahba BM, Goldin LM, McAllister J, Wright A, Cochran A, Salles A, Am J Surg 2020 Jul 220 1 20-26
Assessing gender bias in qualitative evaluations of surgical residents.
Gerull KM, Loe M, Seiler K, McAllister J, Salles A, Am J Surg 2019 Feb 217 2 306-313
Postoperative opioid prescribing practices and the impact of the hydrocodone schedule change.
Tan WH, Feaman S, Milam L, Garber V, McAllister J, Blatnik JA, Brunt LM Surgery 2018 Aug
Opioid Medication Use in the Surgical Patient: An Assessment of Prescribing Patterns and Use.
Tan WH, Yu J, Feaman S, McAllister JM, Kahan LG, Quasebarth MA, Blatnik JA, Eagon JC, Awad MM, Brunt LM J. Am. Coll. Surg. 2018 May
Combined in vivo and ex vivo analysis of mesh mechanics in a porcine hernia model.
Kahan LG, Lake SP, McAllister JM, Tan WH, Yu J, Thompson D, Brunt LM, Blatnik JA Surg Endosc 2017 Jul
Determining the minimal clinically important difference for the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons score, Simple Shoulder Test, and visual analog scale (VAS) measuring pain after shoulder arthroplasty.
Tashjian RZ, Hung M, Keener JD, Bowen RC, McAllister J, Chen W, Ebersole G, Granger EK, Chamberlain AM J Shoulder Elbow Surg 2017 Jan 26 1 144-148


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