Dr. Jeff SoRelle is from Waco and earned his B.S. degree in Chemistry from Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, on the school’s highest merit-based scholarship. Jeff returned to Texas for medical school at UT Southwestern, where he served as co-president of the Dallas chapter of the American Medical Student Association, co-president of the Gender Equality Medical Society, and vice-president of the pathology student interest group. First through an AOA summer fellowship and subsequently for a year as a Howard Hughes Research Fellow, Jeff worked in the lab of 2011 Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Bruce Beutler, screening mutagenized mice for genetic modulators of the allergic response. He has presented and won several awards for his research. He finished his medical school career at UT Southwestern with the Vernie Stembridge Award for Academic Excellence in Pathology.

Dr. SoRelle completed the Molecular Genetic Pathology fellowship at Southwestern between his second and third years of residency. He completed clinic genetic research projects emphasizing the importance of periodic re-interpretation of inherited genetic variants and the increasing rates of discrepancy in variant interpretation. Re-interpretation of genes in immune and cardiac diseases are ongoing. Dr. SoRelle also helped validate and evaluate several COVID-19 molecular assays, which he wrote about as a regular contributor of LABLOGATORY, a blog for Laboratory Medicine Professionals. He will apply his training in the Next Generation Sequencing Laboratory bridging his clinical training and research expertise.

Dr. SoRelle served as Chief Resident  and won the Weinberg Resident Research award in 2020 upon graduating Clinical Pathology (CP only) residency. He is continuing his laboratory research investigation of genetic modifiers of allergic (IgE) response, and hopes to start his own research lab.



Medical School
UT Southwestern Medical School (2016)
UT Southwestern Medical Center (2018), Pathology
UT Southwestern Medical Center (2019), Molecular Genetics
UT Southwestern Medical Center (2020), Pathology

Research Interest

  • COVID-19 Diagnostics
  • Genetics of Allergy
  • Genomic Re-interpretation
  • Immunology
  • Laboratory's role in Transgender Health


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Different Interpretations of the Same Genetic Data.
SoRelle JA, Gemmell AP, Ross TS, Ann. Intern. Med. 2020 Jun
Clinical Validation of a SARS-CoV-2 Real-Time Reverse Transcription PCR Assay Targeting the Nucleocapsid Gene.
SoRelle JA, Frame I, Falcon A, Jacob J, Wagenfuehr J, Mitui M, Park JY, Filkins L, J Appl Lab Med 2020 Jun
Assessment of Interlaboratory Variation in the Interpretation of Genomic Test Results in Patients With Epilepsy.
SoRelle JA, Pascual JM, Gotway G, Park JY, JAMA Netw Open 2020 Apr 3 4 e203812
Mutual inhibition between Prkd2 and Bcl6 controls T follicular helper cell differentiation.
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Impact of Hormone Therapy on Laboratory Values in Transgender Patients.
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Clinical Utility of Reinterpreting Previously Reported Genomic Epilepsy Test Results for Pediatric Patients.
SoRelle JA, Thodeson DM, Arnold S, Gotway G, Park JY JAMA Pediatr 2018 Nov e182302
Real-time resolution of point mutations that cause phenovariance in mice.
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Honors & Awards

  • Weinberg Resident Research award
  • Vernie Stembridge Award
    Academic Excellence in Pathology. (2016)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • American Association of Immunologists (2017)
  • American Association of Immunologists (2017)