Medical School
UT Southwestern Medical School (2014)
Emory University School of Medicine (2017), Pediatrics
Emory University School of Medicine (2020), Pediatric Cardiology
Emory University (2021), Pediatric Cardiac Non-invasive Imaging


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Evaluation of Left Ventricular Outflow Gradients During Staged Exercise Stress Echocardiography Helps Differentiate Pediatric Patients With Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy From Athletes and Normal Subjects.
Gaitonde M, Jones S, McCracken C, Ferguson ME, Michelfelder E, Sachdeva R, Border W, Pediatr Exerc Sci 2021 Jul 1-7
Fetal Diagnosis in a Unique Case of Vascular and Cardiac Interdependence in Omphaloischiopagus Conjoined Twins.
Gaitonde M, Kreeger J, Border W, Roberts J, Elshenawy S, Geary F, Michelfelder E, CASE (Phila) 2021 Jun 5 3 196-199
COVID-19-Related Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children Affects Left Ventricular Function and Global Strain Compared with Kawasaki Disease.
Gaitonde M, Ziebell D, Kelleman MS, Cox DE, Lipinski J, Border WL, Sachdeva R, J Am Soc Echocardiogr 2020 10 33 10 1285-1287
Feasibility of obtaining biomarker profiles from endoscopic biopsy specimens in upper tract urothelial carcinoma: Preliminary results.
Gayed BA, Bagrodia A, Gaitonde M, Krabbe LM, Meissner M, Kapur P, Youssef RF, Sagalowsky A, Lotan Y, Margulis V Urol. Oncol. 2015 Jan 33 1 18.e21-6
Renal Function Outcomes Following Selective Angioembolization for Iatrogenic Vascular Lesions After Partial Nephrectomy.
Gahan JC, Gaitonde M, Wadskier L, Cadeddu JA, Trimmer C J. Endourol. 2013 Nov
Prospective Analysis of Ki-67 as an Independent Predictor of Oncologic Outcomes in Patients with High Grade Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma.
Krabbe LM, Bagrodia A, Lotan Y, Gayed BA, Darwish OM, Youssef RF, John G, Harrow B, Jacobs C, Gaitonde M, Sagalowsky AI, Shariat SF, Kapur P, Margulis V J. Urol. 2013 Jul