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Dr. Cullum is a Clinical Neuropsychologist who specializes in the assessment of cognitive disorders. He is board-certified in Clinical Neuropsychology (ABPP/ABCN) and serves as the Vice Chair and Chief of the Division of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry, where he holds the Pamela Blumenthal Distinguished Professorship in Clinical Psycology.  He is the PI of the Concussion-Texas (ConTex) studies, serves as the Scientific Director of the Texas Alzheimer's Research and Care Consortium (TARCC) and is co-leader of Clinical Core Leader in the UTSW Alzheimer's Disease Center.  He is a past-president of the Society for Clinical Neuropsychology and the National Academy of Neuropsychology and the in coming President of the Sports Neuropsychology Society. He is actively involved in research, teaching, and clinical practice in neuropsychology. His research includes investigations into short and long term effects of concussion and early detedction and differential diagnosis of neurodegenerative conditions of agine. His clinical research lab is also involved in cognitive test development and in telemedicine applications of neuropsychology.

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Undergraduate School
Pacific Lutheran University (1981), Psychology
Medical School
University of Texas (1985)
University of California San Diego VA Medical Center (1986), Clinical Psychology
Other Post Graduate Training
University Health Services (1986)
Graduate School
University Health Services (1986)
University of California San Diego VA Medical Center (1988), Clinical Neuropsychology

Research Interest

  • Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Cognitive test development
  • Dementia and Memory disorders
  • Telemedicine applications in neuropsychology
  • Traumatic brain injury and sports concussion


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Phase II Trial of Hippocampal-Sparing Whole Brain Irradiation with Simultaneous Integrated Boost (HSIB-WBRT) for Metastatic Cancer.
Westover KD, Mendel JT, Dan T, Kumar K, Gao A, Pulipparacharuv S, Iyengar P, Nedzi L, Hannan R, Anderson J, Choe KS, Jiang W, Abdulrahman R, Rahimi A, Folkert M, Laine A, Presley C, Cullum CM, Choy H, Ahn C, Timmerman R, Neuro-oncology 2020 Apr
Clinical and neuropsychological profile of patients with dementia and chronic traumatic encephalopathy.
LoBue C, Schaffert J, Cullum CM, Peters ME, Didehbani N, Hart J, White CL, J. Neurol. Neurosurg. Psychiatry 2020 Apr
Chronic traumatic encephalopathy: understanding the facts and debate.
LoBue C, Schaffert J, Cullum CM, Curr Opin Psychiatry 2020 Mar 33 2 130-135
Risk factors for earlier dementia onset in autopsy-confirmed Alzheimer's disease, mixed Alzheimer's with Lewy bodies, and pure Lewy body disease.
Schaffert J, LoBue C, White CL, Wilmoth K, Didehbani N, Lacritz L, Nguyen T, Peters ME, Fields L, Li C, Cullum CM, Alzheimers Dement 2020 Feb
Sex Differences and Reporting of SCAT-5 Concussion Symptoms in Adolescent Athletes.
Bunt SC, Didehbani N, Tarkenton T, Rossetti H, Hicks C, Vargas B, Silver C, Nakonezny P, Bell K, Batjer H, Cullum CM, Clin J Sport Med 2020 Jan


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Honors & Awards

  • President
    Sports Neuropsychology Society (2020-2022)
  • Fellow
    Sports Neuropsychology Society (2018)
  • Board of Governors, International Neuropsychological Society
  • Honored Mentor Award
    National Academy of Neuropsychology (2012)
  • President, American Psychological Association, Neuropsychology Division (40)
  • Member at Large, American Psychological Association, Division of Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Board of Directors, American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Pam Blumenthal Distinguished Professorship
    Distinguished Professorship in Psychology (2003)
  • Fellow
    American Psychological Association (Divisions 40 & 12) (1999)
  • President, National Academy of Neuropsychology
  • Ornish Award
    Alzheimer Disease Research (1998)
  • Fellow
    National Academy of Neuropsychology (1992)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • Sports Neuropsychology Society (2012)
  • Society of Clinical Psychology (Division 12 of APA) (2000)
  • Clinical Neuropsychology Division, APA (Division 40) (1982)
  • American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology
  • American Psychological Association
  • International Neuropsychological Society
  • National Academy of Neuropsychology
  • Texas Psychological Association