University of London - England (1982), Biochemistry
Graduate School
University of London - England (1991), Biology

Research Interest

  • Oncogenes, transformation, cell growth and apoptosis.
  • PI3K/Akt and mTOR signaling pathways.
  • Regulation of cell size and number by the translational machinery


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

PP2A-dependent disruption of centrosome replication and cytoskeleton organization in Drosophila by SV40 small tumor antigen
S. Kotadia, L.R. Kao, S.A. Comerford, R.T. Jones, R.E. Hammer and T.L. Megraw Oncogene 2008 Epublished 2008 1-13
Elucidation of a universal size-control mechanism in Drosophila and mammals
Dong, J., Feldmann, G., Huang, J., Wu, S., Zhang, N., Comerford, S. A., Gayyed, M. F., Anders, R. A., Maitra, A. and D. Pan Cell September 2007 130 (6) 1120-33
Induction of hepatocyte proliferation and death by modulation of a liver-specific SV40 T-antigen transgene.
Comerford, S.A., Clouthier, D.E., Hinnant, E. A. and Hammer, R.E. Oncogene 2003 22 2515-2530
Hepatic fibrosis, glomerulosclerosis, and a lipodystrophy-like syndrome in PEPCK-TGF-beta 1 transgenic mice.
Comerford, S.A., Clouthier, D.E., and Hammer, R.E. J. Clin. Invest. 1997 100 2697-2713
E6 and E7 expression from the HPV 18 LCR: development of genital hyperplasia and neoplasia in transgenic mice.
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