Dr. Berglund came to UT Southwestern after receiving his PhD from Vanderbilt University where he studied how glucagon action on the liver affects hepatic nucleotide levels as well other aspects of hepatic and whole-body metabolism. This move offered an opportunity to combine Dr. Joel Elmquist’s resources studying central regulation of metabolism and array of genetically modified mice with his expertise studying in vivo physiology. His specific areas of interest are how the hormones leptin and glucagon act in the liver and brain to control substrate metabolism and potentially energy balance. He is also interested in how CNS signals are transmitted via hormonal or neural mechanisms to modulate specific organs. These questions are relevant to diabetes and obesity. His personal interests are his family and outdoor activities.

Research Interest

  • Body weight control
  • Central control of metabolism
  • Glucagon
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Leptin


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Gai/o-coupled Htr2c in the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus antagonizes the anorectic effect of serotonin agents.
Yoo ES, Li L, Jia L, Lord CC, Lee CE, Birnbaum SG, Vianna CR, Berglund ED, Cunningham KA, Xu Y, Sohn JW, Liu C, Cell Rep 2021 Nov 37 7 109997
Ghrelin cell-expressed insulin receptors mediate meal- and obesity-induced declines in plasma ghrelin.
Shankar K, Takemi S, Gupta D, Varshney S, Mani BK, Osborne-Lawrence S, Metzger NP, Richard CP, Berglund ED, Zigman JM, JCI Insight 2021 Sep 6 18
Acyl-ghrelin Is Permissive for the Normal Counterregulatory Response to Insulin-Induced Hypoglycemia.
Shankar K, Gupta D, Mani BK, Findley BG, Lord CC, Osborne-Lawrence S, Metzger NP, Pietra C, Liu C, Berglund ED, Zigman JM, Diabetes 2020 02 69 2 228-237
Pyruvate-Carboxylase-Mediated Anaplerosis Promotes Antioxidant Capacity by Sustaining TCA Cycle and Redox Metabolism in Liver.
Cappel DA, Deja S, Duarte JAG, Kucejova B, Iñigo M, Fletcher JA, Fu X, Berglund ED, Liu T, Elmquist JK, Hammer S, Mishra P, Browning JD, Burgess SC, Cell Metab 2019 06 29 6 1291-1305.e8
Celastrol Reduces Obesity in MC4R Deficiency and Stimulates Sympathetic Nerve Activity Affecting Metabolic and Cardiovascular Functions.
Saito K, Davis KC, Morgan DA, Toth BA, Jiang J, Singh U, Berglund ED, Grobe JL, Rahmouni K, Cui H, Diabetes 2019 06 68 6 1210-1220
Cytosolic Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxykinase as a Cataplerotic Pathway in the Small Intestine.
Potts A, Uchida A, Deja S, Berglund ED, Kucejova B, Duarte JAG, Fu X, Browning JD, Magnuson MA, Burgess SC Am. J. Physiol. Gastrointest. Liver Physiol. 2018 Apr
Hypoglycemic Effect of Combined Ghrelin and Glucagon Receptor Blockade.
Mani BK, Uchida A, Lee Y, Osborne-Lawrence S, Charron MJ, Unger RH, Berglund ED, Zigman JM Diabetes 2017 May
Ire1a in Pomc Neurons is Required for Thermogenesis and Glycemia.
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Metabolic manifestations of insulin deficiency do not occur without glucagon action.
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Direct leptin action on POMC neurons regulates glucose homeostasis and hepatic insulin sensitivity in mice.
Berglund ED, Vianna CR, Donato J, Kim MH, Chuang JC, Lee CE, Lauzon DA, Lin P, Brule LJ, Scott MM, Coppari R, Elmquist JK J. Clin. Invest. 2012 Mar 122 3 1000-9

Honors & Awards

  • APS Research Recognition Award
    Annual award for Endocrinology and Metabolism Section (2006)