Graduate School
Unlisted - International Colle (1994)
Graduate School
Indiana University-Purdue Univ (2002)


BIOGUIDE-X: A First-in-Human Study of the Performance of Positron Emission Tomography-Guided Radiation Therapy
Vitzthum LK, Surucu M, Gensheimer MF, Kovalchuk N, Han B, Pham D, Chang D, Shirvani SM, Aksoy D, Maniyedath A, Narayanan M, Da Silva AJ, Mazin S, Feghali KA, Iyengar P, Dan T, Pompos A, Timmerman R, Öz O, Cai B, Garant A International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics 2024 Apr 118 1172-1180
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ART2Dose: A comprehensive dose verification platform for online adaptive radiotherapy
Lin J, Chen M, Lai Y, Trivedi Z, Wu J, Foo T, Gonzalez Y, Reynolds Jr. RR, Park C, Yan Y, Godley A, Jiang S, Jia X, Lin MH, Pompos A, Lu W Medical physics 2024 Jan 51 18-30
Evaluation of fan-beam kilovoltage computed tomography image quality on a novel biological-guided radiotherapy platform
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National Effort to Re-Establish Heavy Ion Cancer Therapy in the United States
Pompos A, Foote RL, Koong AC, Le QT, Mohan R, Paganetti H, Choy H Frontiers in Oncology 2022 Jun 12
Evaluation of the Response of HNSCC Cell Lines to γ-Rays and 12C Ions: Can Radioresistant Tumors Be Identified and Selected for 12C Ion Radiotherapy?
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Report of a National Cancer Institute special panel: Characterization of the physical parameters of particle beams for biological research
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Real-Time Whole-Brain Radiation Therapy: A Single-Institution Experience
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Iterative reconstruction with boundary detection for carbon ion computed tomography
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Full Monte Carlo–Based Biologic Treatment Plan Optimization System for Intensity Modulated Carbon Ion Therapy on Graphics Processing Unit
Qin N, Shen C, Tsai MY, Pinto M, Tian Z, Dedes G, Pompos A, Jiang SB, Parodi K, Jia X International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics 2018 Jan 100 235-243

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  • American Association of Physicists in Medicine
  • American College of Medical Physics