Dr. Melanie M. Biggs is a licensed clinical psychologist who provides psychiatric assessments, consultation, cognitive therapy treatment and training of faculty, graduate students and medical residents within the departmarts of Internal Medicine/Division of Epidemiology and Psychiatry. Dr. Biggs has a national reputation as a Clinical Trainer of psychiatric diagnoses, clinical outcome measures and the quality control (interrater reliability) of clinical assessments within both clinical care settings and research trials.

Dr. Biggs is the Chief of the Psychiatric Assessment & Outcomes Committee, a division of the Neuropsychiatric Sub-Core for the Gulf War Illness and Brain Imaging research contract (Robert W. Haley, M.D., Principal Investigator and John Hart, Jr. M.D., Co -Investigator). Her responsibilities include:

  1. Conducting diagnostic assessments;
  2. Monitoring psychological outcome data;
  3. Supervising clinical research coordinators; and
  4. The development, implementation, and monitoring of the psychological data.

Her clinical research interests focus on the screening, diagnostic assessment and treatment of depression. In addition, she is a certified cognitive therapist who received training at the Beck Institute of Cognitive Therapy & Research. She is also a Diplomate and Founding Fellow of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. Dr. Biggs enjoys providing psychotherapy supervision with graduate students and psychitry residents.

Clinically, Dr. Biggs also provides assessment, treatment and consultation for patients suffering from a comorbid medical condition (e.g., patient with depression and poor control of diabetes; adjustment to acute and chronic illnesses).


Graduate School
Loyola College (1985)
Graduate School
UT Southwestern Medical Center (1993)

Research Interest

  • Comorbid Psychiatric and Medical Conditions
  • Depression
  • Gulf War Illness - Psychological Impact
  • Training and Quality Assurance of Diagnostic Assessments and Outcome Measures


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

The Efficacy of Acute Electroconvulsive Therapy in Atypical Depression
Husain, McClintock, Rush, Knapp, Fink, Rummans, Rasmussen, Claassen, Petrides, Biggs, et al., Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 2008 69 406-411
Cognitive therapy vs. medication in augmentation and switch strategies as second-step treatments: A STAR*D report
Thase, M.E., Friedman, E.S., Biggs, M.M., Wisniewski, S.R., Trivedi, M.H., Luther, J.F., Fava, M., Nierenberg, A. A., McGrath, P.J., Warden, D., Niederehe, G., Hollon, S., D., & Rush, A.J.. American Journal of Psychiatry May 2007 164 (5) 739-752

Honors & Awards

  • STAR*D
    Outstanding Achievement Award for service provided to STAR*D; a contract with UTSW and NIMH (Rush, A.J., PI); Sequenced Treatment Algorithm For Resistant Depression (STAR*D)Trial (2003)
  • Academy of Cognitive Therapy
    Diplomate andFounding Fellow (2000)
  • Association for Behavior and Cognitive Therapy
    Student Research Dissertation of the Year Award (1992)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • Academy of Cognitive Therapy
  • American Psychological Association
  • Association for Behavior and Cognitive Therapy
  • Society of Behavioral Medicine