Dr. Bennett is originally from England and received her Ph.D. in molecular genetics from St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School, Imperial College in London. She came to UTSW for her first postdoctoral fellowship in the McDermott Center to study inherited genetic diseases. Attracted to the concept of studying human diseases through the analysis of global genetic alterations, Dr. Bennett studied genome-wide gene expression in pediatric autoimmune and inflammatory diseases at Baylor Institute for Immunology Research and was one of the first to describe interferon induced transcription in the peripheral blood cells of pediatric lupus patients.   She went on to study global epigenetic alterations in B-cell malignancies at the University of Missouri, Columbia and then returned to BIIR where her research focused on DNA methylation in multiple myeloma and ovarian cancer. Dr. Bennett recently came back to UTSW bringing expertise in genetic, epigenetic and genomic methodologies to study breast and ovarian cancer in the Division of Hematology and Oncology. Dr. Bennett’s outside interests include her family, tennis, reading and cooking.

Research Interest

  • Breast and ovarian cancer
  • Cancer epigenetics
  • Molecular genetics and genomics of cancer


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Tumor-suppressor function of Beclin 1 in breast cancer cells requires E-cadherin.
Wijshake T, Zou Z, Chen B, Zhong L, Xiao G, Xie Y, Doench JG, Bennett L, Levine B, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2021 Feb 118 5
GLIPR2 is a negative regulator of autophagy and the BECN1-ATG14-containing phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase complex.
Zhao Y, Zou Z, Sun D, Li Y, Sinha SC, Yu L, Bennett L, Levine B, Autophagy 2020 Nov 1-14
Identification of de novo enhancers activated by TGFß to drive expression of CDKN2A and B in HeLa cells.
Liu YT, Xu L, Bennett L, Hooks JC, Liu J, Zhou Q, Liem P, Zheng Y, Skapek SX, Mol. Cancer Res. 2019 Jun
IFN Priming Is Necessary but Not Sufficient To Turn on a Migratory Dendritic Cell Program in Lupus Monocytes.
Rodriguez-Pla A, Patel P, Maecker HT, Rossello-Urgell J, Baldwin N, Bennett L, Cantrell V, Baisch J, Punaro M, Gotte A, Nassi L, Wright T, Palucka AK, Banchereau J, Pascual V J. Immunol. 2014 May
RNA recognition by human TLR8 can lead to autoimmune inflammation.
Guiducci C, Gong M, Cepika AM, Xu Z, Tripodo C, Bennett L, Crain C, Quartier P, Cush JJ, Pascual V, Coffman RL, Barrat FJ, J. Exp. Med. 2013 Dec 210 13 2903-19
Epigenetics in humans: an overview.
Rivera RM, Bennett LB, Curr Opin Endocrinol Diabetes Obes 2010 Dec 17 6 493-9
Genome-wide DNA methylation maps in follicular lymphoma cells determined by methylation-enriched bisulfite sequencing.
Choi JH, Li Y, Guo J, Pei L, Rauch TA, Kramer RS, Macmil SL, Wiley GB, Bennett LB, Schnabel JL, Taylor KH, Kim S, Xu D, Sreekumar A, Pfeifer GP, Roe BA, Caldwell CW, Bhalla KN, Shi H, PLoS ONE 2010 Sep 5 9
Epigenetic regulation of WNT signaling in chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
Bennett LB, Taylor KH, Arthur GL, Rahmatpanah FB, Hooshmand SI, Caldwell CW, Epigenomics 2010 Feb 2 1 53-70
DNA hypermethylation accompanied by transcriptional repression in follicular lymphoma.
Bennett LB, Schnabel JL, Kelchen JM, Taylor KH, Guo J, Arthur GL, Papageorgio CN, Shi H, Caldwell CW, Genes Chromosomes Cancer 2009 Sep 48 9 828-41
Interferon and granulopoiesis signatures in systemic lupus erythematosus blood.
Bennett L, Palucka AK, Arce E, Cantrell V, Borvak J, Banchereau J, Pascual V, J. Exp. Med. 2003 Mar 197 6 711-23


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