Dr. Huebinger completed his undergraduate at Texas A&M University in 1997 with Bachelor degrees in Genetics and Animal Science. Upon completion of his undergraduate degrees, he served as the Genetics Laboratory Manager at the Omaha Zoo Center for Conservation and Research. During his tenure in Nebraska, he completed his MS at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Animal Science, under the direction of Daniel Pomp and Edward Louis, Jr.

Dr. Huebinger then returned to Texas A&M University where he completed his PhD in genetics (2007). His dissertation work focused on the genetic relationship of Bowhead whale (Balaena mysticetus) populations. Data from his dissertation was utilized by the International Whaling Commission for the management of Bowhead whale populations.

In 2008, Dr. Huebinger came to UT Southwestern as a NIH T32 fellow in Burn, Trauma, and Critical Care research. In the summer of 2010, Dr. Huebinger joined the faculty in the Burn, Trauma, and Critical Care Division of the Department of Surgery. Dr. Huebinger and his wife Laura live in Granbury, where Laura is an Extension Program Specialist for 4-H & Youth Development with the Texas AgriLife Extension Center in Stephenville.


Texas A & M University (1997), Genetics
Graduate School
University of Nebraska at Linc (2003), Science
Graduate School
Texas A & M University (2008), Genetics

Research Interest

  • Genetic basis for human disease, specifically those disease states that involve inflammation and innate immunity. Research goals include 1) resolution of genetic variation that predisposes patients to increased risk of an infection or a dysregulated inflammatory response following burn injury, severe trauma or major surgery and 2) elucidation of the molecular etiologies by which these genetic variants affect disease risk.


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

IL-10 Polymorphism associated with decreased risk for mortality after burn injury
Huebinger RM, Rivera-Chavez F, Chang LY, Liu MM, Minei JP, Purdue GF, Hunt JL, Arnoldo BD, Barber RC Journal of Surgical Research 2010 164(1) e141-145
Association of mitochondrial allele 4216C with increased risk for sepsis-related organ dysfunction and shock after burn injury
Huebinger RM, Gomez R, McGee D, Chang LE, Bender JE, O?Keeffe T, Burris AM, Friese SM, Purdue GF, Hunt JL, Arnoldo BD, Horton JW, Barber RC Shock 2010 33(1) 19-23
Pathway genetic load allows simultaneous evaluation of multiple genetic associations
Huebinger, RM, Garner HR, Barber RC Burns 2010 36 787-792
Association of mitochondrial allele 4216C with increased risk for complicated sepsis and death after traumatic injury
Gomez R, O’Keeffe T, Chang LY, Huebinger RM, Minei JP, Barber RC Journal of Trauma 2009 66 850-857